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Data-driven creative production for global marketing

Amplifying brand impact

Through the power of our proprietary technology, we create data-led, strategic campaigns for high-impact brand performance. Across all media, all channels and all markets.

Our global, creative and digital production expertise enables us to deliver content-optimized campaigns for many of the largest brands in the world. The result is a big impact for our clients’ big ideas—successful outcomes and game-changing return on their marketing investments.




Service Lines

Strategic Creative
Content Development
Content Production
Data + Insights

Strategic Creative

On brand, on time, on budget

We build custom, strategic content that aligns to your business and delivers on your objectives—improving quality and speed to market at a lower cost than the traditional agency model.

  • We amplify creative campaigns for brands across all media, all channels and all markets
  • Considered, impactful design drives brand consistency and category growth
  • Our worldwide digital studio network forms a truly global team that follows the sun
  • All with volume optimized dedicated resources, transparent rates and full time and resource tracking

Content Development

We build dedicated studios in-house or on-site, working exclusively for you to deliver creativity at speed which is on brand and cost effective.

This partnership approach allows both client and agency to work in true collaboration to generate a dynamic, brand centric team. This enables us to get under the skin of your organization, live and breathe the brand, understand your commercial and business objectives, work more effectively, improve speed to market at a lower cost than the traditional agency model.

  • Retail display: 3D POS + retail theater, structural design, new store concepting, customer journey mapping, retail campaign localization, custom launch-zone collateral
  • Branding: brand guidelines development, event displays and branding, campaign toolkit development
  • Digital: video creation and storyboarding, social + display, interactive e-books, website design, email marketing, screen media, augmented VR + immersive digital worlds, pre- and post-production
  • Print and packaging collateral: DM strategy and design, marketing collateral, packaging concepts and design, internal marketing sales tools, value-added packaging and merchandise design

Content Production

  • Offshore production: campaign toolkit localization, asset adaptation and resizing, translation and transcreation, key visual adaptation and retouching
  • Artwork adaptation: typesetting, editable application forms, alternative formats and web-accessible documentation and document adaptation
  • Digital: video editing, video cut-downs and sizzle reels, video translation and transcreation, social media asset versioning
  • Asset management: asset librarianship and metadata management services, quality control and proofreading, copyediting, pre-flight and pre-press management

Data + Insights

We harness data, insight and technology to develop strategies and communication programs that deliver seamless, personalized customer experiences with content-optimized campaigns across multiple channels which deliver commercial success and return on marketing investment.

  • Data-driven creativity: HH Global’s imagery and tone, work to most effectively engage our clients’ target customers with personalized marketing messages
  • Optimized communication channels: Our data science teams can use predictive data analysis to determine where your marketing spend will drive the greatest returns and eliminate unnecessary production
  • Enhanced marketing investment: Our teams work to ensure your marketing technology and data assets are delivering maximum results to support your investment
  • High-impact business insight: We bring data—your greatest business asset—to life, generating tangible, useful, actionable intelligence to solve your biggest marketing challenges


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