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Case study: Partnerships that drive simplicity

Partnerships that drive simplicity

Since 2011 our relationship with a global FMCG giant has grown from a regional relationship in France, to a global partnership that is releasing significant value and marketing benefit to stakeholders. It’s focused on the management of POS and premiums, and now spans 23 regions and 22 brands. 

We have a global team of 36 people supporting this account, and services include a global POS library that allows regional marketing teams to share and reapply their best ideas and artwork. We work across different markets and multiple retailers, providing artwork localization and POS adaptation in order to meet a variety of retailer guidelines.

Services in scope include marketing and promotional print, point of sale design and production, design and prototyping, brand development, POS installation and project management and analytics

We operate a structured innovation programme across their EMEA markets focused on transforming the way they work. This is driven and owned by our account team, with support from central functions and external partners. Our local and central teams review products to identify optimisation opportunities on every job. This includes ensuring things are designed for manufacture, support in-store compliance (e.g. pop-up products), and maximise product stand-out. Based on this review, we present bronze, silver and gold options, with varying degrees of innovation and cost. We also attend ‘all agency briefings’ to present innovative ideas with concepts and costs. These are then used by the client’s main agencies to develop concepts based on achievable formats and executions.

We aim to make it easy for the client to view the best print and POS from the global market, and identify learning from their own work, competitors and other market sectors. This includes global marketing execution activity, for example sales promotion, social media campaigns, consumer rewards, and displays used in-store. To facilitate this we have developed a global POS library.