The Marketing Execution Partner for Luxury Brands

HH Atelier is a division of HH Global, a world leader in outsourcing printing and marketing services, specialising in the development, production and logistics of high-value projects. HH Atelier creates and develops paper and cartographic projects which require the finest results in every aspect.

Atelier works with clients and on individual projects where excellence is the norm, where the level of care and attention is that of an artisan working on a one-off commission, with those principles applied at an industrial scale.


1. Strategic Sourcing
Subject matter expertise and leverage

2. Commercial relationship
Guaranteed savings delivery, transparent model

3. Strategy
Increased capability, an on-site extension of your procurement / marketing team

4. Technology
Rapid access to turnkey, proven systems

5. Innovation
Technology and product based forum, shared industry knowledge

6. Focus
Core capability

Our Services

Print / Temporary POS / Permanent POS / Direct Mail / Artwork Adaptation / Collateral and Kits / Signage / Promotional Merchandise / Packaging / Communication Execution / Quality Control / 3D / Video and Photography

Local Office, Local Suppliers

Our network of local offices ensures high quality production as near as possible to the target markets, saving time, reducing transport costs and lowering the environmental impact.

Complete, circular and inclusive management of all the aspects that are important to you

Our customers are stakeholders in the premium luxury market. We create a certified and transparent path for them which, step by step, delivers the project to its final destination, anywhere in the world.