Sustainable Growth

Empowering brands with sustainable marketing

With the climate crisis impacting us all, sustainability needs to drive meaningful change.

HH Global is at the forefront of sustainable marketing, empowering brands to make a big impact while leaving a smaller environmental footprint.

Designing for a sustainable future
Powerful tools for change
Ethical procurement
Managing carbon footprint

Designing for a sustainable future

We collaborate with brands to shift thinking in the design and execution of physical marketing. By bridging the gap between designers and makers, our services enable informed decision making, equipping businesses with the knowledge and tools they need to explore the exciting opportunities more sustainable practices can bring.

Through Conscious Creative we enhance the sustainability of marketing in the design process, from inception to completion.

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Powerful tools for change

Using advanced technology and data-driven insights we empower clients and strategic partners. Our cutting-edge proprietary tools boost operational efficiency and outcomes.

We focus on client needs, track spending, CO2 and measure performance for continuous improvement, then use powerful insights to bring people together for rapid scalability, optimized functionality and transformative growth, while also reducing waste.

Ethical procurement

Our tailored procurement programs reduce risk and optimize supply chains. We excel in sourcing sustainable materials and manufacturing, while auditing supply chains.

By reducing environmental and social impact, HH Global’s expertise helps clients align their values with the best procurement practices.

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Managing carbon footprint

We provide innovative ways to measure and certify CO2 emissions.

Zero-waste solutions

HH Global’s strategies help brands reduce their ecological footprint. By targeting zero waste solutions and promoting circular consumption, we support brands in making sustainability integral to their business.

Sustainability standards

We continually meet the highest environmental, social and governance standards.

Net Zero Standard
ISO 14001


Environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting is no longer optional for major companies. Sustainability metrics are now integral to annual reporting, to provide transparency and accountability for consumers and investors. Measurement of corporate responsibility is the new normal.


The European Union has introduced the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), which requires detailed reporting for EU companies and non-EU companies meeting certain thresholds for net turnover in the EU, and companies with securities listed on regulated EU markets.

Net Zero Standard

We are the first company in our space, and among the first companies in the world, to gain SBTi approval (Science Based Targets Initiative) of our Net Zero Standard targets. Collaborating with global partners, we are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by FY30 and 90% by FY40.


The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) has developed a set of recommendations that are changing the way organisations manage climate risks and opportunities. The UK government is the first G20 country to make TCFD-aligned disclosure mandatory for over 1,300 of the largest UK-registered companies and financial institutions.

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The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have set objectives to promote climate action, sustainable development, clean energy and responsible consumption – while ending inequality, poverty and hunger, to create an environmentally sustainable and equitable world for all.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is an International Standard that provides guidance on how to consider multiple aspects of business to reduce impact on the environment. It helps to evaluate procurement, distribution, product development, emergency response, customer expectations, stakeholders and relationships with the local community.

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EcoVadis is a business sustainability ratings platform widely recognised across the world.

It facilitates ESG risk and compliance management, to enhance corporate sustainability performance. HH Global has been a Gold-rated company for over 5 years.

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Committed to environmental and social change

8 - Decent work and economic growth

Decent work and economic growth

Dignified conditions, fair wages, fairness and employee rights in the workplace by 2025 will ensure:

  • Employees are paid a living wage, and we have confirmation of a living wage policy from 100% of our Tier 1 (direct) suppliers.*
  • 100% of our Tier 1 (direct) suppliers* are aligned with (or have a plan to meet) our clearly defined environmental and social standards.
  • All our Tier 1 (direct) suppliers* have received information and guidance on the Sustainable Development Goals, with 30% demonstrating their support.

*Suppliers that make up 95% of HH Global spend.

10 - Reduced inequalities

Reduced inequalities

A diverse and inclusive organization reflects the communities in which we operate. We respect the rights and opportunities of every person, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or socio-economic background. By 2025, we will:

  • Have 30% diverse representation at the HH Global leadership* level (based on gender, race, ethnicity, age and generation).
  • Place 15% of our annual spend with small and diverse business suppliers.
  • Ensure that all of our people development and training programs include DE&I principles and are completed by 100% of employees.

*Group Management Board and Regional Leadership Team.

12 - Responsible consumption and production

Responsible consumption and production

Ensures products are sourced and produced responsibly, while also showing clients the most sustainable alternatives. By 2025, we will:

  • Increase the use of recycled content in production by 20% (vs 2021 baseline) through educating our clients on the availability of alternative solutions to plastic, such as cellulosic fiber-based materials.
  • Provide all clients with environmental impact calculations at quotation stage.
  • Eliminate single-use plastics in our own offices.

13 - Climate action

Climate action

Help to keep global warming below 1.5°C by reducing our carbon footprint and achieving key milestones to reach net-zero emissions.

  • 100% renewable energy in our operations by 2025.
  • 50% emissions reduction by 2030.*
  • 90% emissions reduction by 2040.*
  • Ongoing investment in nature-based solutions.
  • 10% emissions neutralization by 2040.

* Compared to a FY22 baseline.

15 - Life on land

Life on land

Preserving and revitalising terrestrial ecosystems, responsible forest management and combating land degradation and biodiversity loss are key to our SDG commitment. We will:

  • Work towards a 100% deforestation-free global supply chain by 2030, aligning with pending legislation and ensuring we protect crucial forested areas.
  • Invest significant funds to nature based investments by FY2030, restoring ecosystems but also combating climate change through carbon sequestration.
  • Establish a baseline for water usage by 2025, striving to reduce it by 20% by 2030 to support the preservation of life on land.


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