Sustainability for success

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CASE STUDY: Sustainability Story of Success

Partnerships that champion sustainability lead to results.

Within a year of our initial relationship, our delivery of targeted savings in the Americas helped a client that provides banking services to millions of its customers through four global businesses, decide to extend our partnership from the Americas into the APAC region. HH Global delivers marketing print and point-of-sale, using our HHub technology solution to streamline processes, increase efficiencies, and drive down costs.

When we engaged with this client, they were keen to implement changes to address several challenges. Many were a result of regional fragmentation of suppliers. High administration, varied processes, poor color management, inconsistent branding, reduced speed to market, and high costs, which exposed them to increased risk, were the main concerns. Sustainability was also a concern, as paper usage reporting was not consolidated and paper stock was not accredited or consistent across regions.

HH Global put in place a dedicated account team in each of this client's key markets. This allowed central visibility, control, and consistency, coupled with the ability to handle local requirements. A paper strategy was developed to ensure consistency and effective substrate management. Key paper metrics are now measured and reported as part of regular management information reports.

Sustainability Story of Success

Corporate commitment to playing a positive role in the global economy was very important to this global banking and financial services institution. This meant that the lack of consistent stock and tracking of paper usage had become both an operational and a sustainability concern. HH Global engaged a dedicated account team to develop a paper strategy that would insure consistency and effective substrate management. Key paper metrics are now measured and reported on as part of regular management information reports. Our Quality Printer Program (QPP) improved the quality and efficiency of the client's supply chain. The program delivers a typical savings of 3-5 percent on each job through reduction of paper waste, other raw materials, and machine setup time. The program insures brand consistency, so that projects are right the first time.

In the first year, this client achieved paper savings of 180 tons, nearly 36 million sheets of paper or over 4,338 trees. Since our work began, HH Global has delivered and produced brand consistency across all markets, as well as total cost savings. Along with these benefits to our client, HH Global has been instrumental in fostering considerable corporate social responsibility benefits.

Partnerships that champion sustainability lead to results. 

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