Inspire sustainable marketing with Conscious Creative

Author: Lee Humphreys




10 October 2023

The creative community has long taken pride in its commitment to ethical practices, particularly when it comes to diversity, equality and inclusion – but we must do more. We now need the marketing and creative community, many of whom already recognize their own personal impact on the environment, to focus their attention on the impact of the work they do for clients. 

When companies spend a huge proportion of their budgets on marketing materials, it’s no real surprise that it significantly impacts their CO2 footprint. Through rethinking the creative approach and consciously embracing sustainable design principles, creatives can initiate a seismic shift toward more positive environmental marketing practices. 

Drive CO2-reduction 

To combat climate change, minimizing CO2 emissions is the number one priority. Creatives and designers have the power to pioneer a new era in marketing thinking. By targeting a circular approach from concept to execution, they can produce eye-catching work that is both impactful and sustainable. Evaluating, comparing and selecting materials, along with media, based on measurable CO2 impact can help to minimize emissions and preserve our environment. We are all accountable for the CO2 emissions we generate. Every choice can make a difference and inspire clients to embrace responsible creativity. 

Embrace circularity 

From ideation to production, designing out waste enhances marketing sustainability. Designing with re-usability in mind, minimizing waste to landfill and utilizing recycled materials all contribute to more efficient use of resources. Circularity is the gold standard in sustainability. By thinking about durability and using innovative, recyclable materials we can move towards this goal, creating marketing installations that captivate audiences and also leave a smaller environmental footprint. 

Rethink materials 

How we design and the materials we use have a direct impact on the environment. Through creative innovation and the wider use of sustainably sourced materials, designers and marketers can play a pivotal role in moving towards truly sustainable marketing ecosystems. Careful selection of low environmental impact materials protects the planet, its ecology and the communities that inhabit it. Thinking sustainably means marketing doesn’t have to cost the Earth. 

Become activists for environmental change 

As catalysts for new ideas, the creative and design community has an incredible opportunity to adopt an activist mindset, integrate CO2-reducing strategies and infuse sustainability into every aspect of their work, leading organizational change from the ground up. 

By recognizing their ability to influence decision making at every level, creatives are uniquely positioned to be champions of sustainable development in marketing. Whether they’re raising awareness about eco-friendly alternatives, pushing for more responsible production practices or spearheading internal initiatives. 

Now is the time to recognize the power to influence organizational behavior, shift corporate thinking and shape a future that engages audiences to spark positive change. 

Collaborate for sustainable change 

At HH Global, we’ve invested in education, tools and resources to help designers, creatives, studios and agencies find and deploy more sustainable marketing solutions. Visit to discover how we can help across the industry – for a more sustainable tomorrow. 


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