Logistics solutions for strategic global marketing

Ensure your big ideas arrive ready to impact

You’ve got big ideas for your marketing. But your marketing materials have to be in the right place at the right time to make a big impact. Our tech-enabled smart warehousing, coupled with strategic locations across the globe, gives you the visibility and speed-to-market advantages you need to succeed.

At HH Global we make it a priority to understand your business, from creative concept to the storage and delivery details of your marketing assets. We integrate fully with your existing systems to give you inventory and tracking visibility for exceptional management. And our sustainability strategy, measurement and reporting capabilities support you to meet and exceed your corporate objectives.

Service Lines

Warehousing + distribution
Freight optimization
Assembly + installation

We provide flexible warehousing and distribution solutions at scale that include the following:

  • Tactical flexibility to rapidly establish operations that meet your business’s unique objectives
  • Multisite warehouse locations to best meet customer shipping needs
  • Diverse network of certified warehouse providers delivering scalability across industry sectors
  • Centralized and decentralized options available to meet any distribution requirement
  • Ever-expanding supplier base to enhance services across all routes
  • Economies of scale and savings through aggregation of client activity within our portfolio

Robust freight management streamlines your marketing, inventory and fulfillment processes, including:

  • Proprietary catalog and dashboard technologies simplify orders and deliver real-time insights
  • All freight managed via online Transportation Management Software (TMS)
  • +31 million pounds managed annually
  • 99.5% on-time delivery
  • Imports and exports to over 60 countries

We specialize in coordinating and managing strategic installation programs for your most important marketing assets, including:

  • Traditional and digital signage, fixtures and displays, and custom one-off solutions of all levels of complexity
  • In-house team of experienced assembly and installation specialists
  • Expert, fast installation services across all industries
  • 24/7/365 project management services
  • Constant communication with clients from dedicated project managers
  • Consistently reliable results for every project

We maintain a large, dedicated facility staffed with operational and engineering teams to facilitate co-pack display services, including:

  • AIB-certified and FDA-registered 350,000 square foot facility
  • Two staff shifts for display assembly, co-packing and kit packing provide flexibility and scale as needed
  • In-house vibration table for transportation simulation and ship testing
  • $175 million consumer packaged goods products packed out annually



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