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Driving change in sustainable marketing

HH Global empowers some of the world’s most influential brands with services and capabilities that shift behavior toward a more sustainable future.

By making sustainable marketing central to the creative design process, we are leading that change.

A new era for sustainable marketing

Our vision is to be the world’s most impactful ally to companies seeking stronger, more sustainable growth.

Our unwavering commitment to sustainability means we integrate progressive tailored solutions into every day – supporting attainment of environmental and societal objectives.

Using technology to maximize sustainability

Data-driven, insight-led changes lead to the best sustainability outcomes. Our proprietary suite of technology, data-rich products and services support our clients, organization and partners in achieving sustainability goals, through:

AI-powered dataset
Sustainable Procurement Framework


HH Global is the first creative production and procurement partner in the world to set up a platform that generates CO2 impact data for every project. Our Environmental Calculator engine, part of our standard operational model, allows clients to make better-informed decisions about campaign tactics and channel choice. Our aim is to continually deliver more refined data outputs, enabling predictive CO2 impact modelling that supports and delivers long-term client insights and benefits.

AI-powered dataset

To continually deliver more refined data outputs enabling predictive CO2 impact modelling that supports and delivers long-term client insights and benefits.

Sustainable Procurement Framework (SPF)

Another market first, using technology and data to scale best practices across our global supply chain. By combining supplier data with research and insights from partners, we have created a first-of-its kind sustainable supply chain management framework. SPF helps supply chain partners assess current sustainability maturity, apply best practice and share experiences.

Sustainability strategy experts

Sustainability consultancy services

HH Global provides end-to-end sustainability consultancy services, applying our expertise to create or augment clients’ ESG initiatives.

Sustainability strategy
Sustainability road mapping
Waste management

Sustainability strategy

  • Workshop to identify how to achieve UN SDGs
  • Report creation
  • ESG and sustainability roadmap

Sustainability road mapping

  • CO2 reduction planning
  • Environmental impact + saving measurement
  • Life-cycle assessment – products, packaging and services
  • Carbon mitigation

Waste management

  • Transforming throwaway economies into circular economies
  • Waste audits – offices, warehouses and retail outlets
  • Final reports of research outcomes
  • Recommendations, targets and goals
  • Reduced landfill and disposal cost
  • Create new waste revenue streams
  • Increase waste diversion and closed-loop recycling opportunities

Raising sustainable marketing standards

To elevate sustainable design and foster planet-friendly creative innovation, we have launched Conscious Creative. We are promoting the sustainability of marketing in the design process from start to finish.

Evaluate + assess
Educate + inspire
Empower + measure

Evaluate + assess

Onsite creative assessment, ESG and sustainability platform.

Educate + inspire

Certified training and E-learning modules, education best practice playbooks, materials library.

Empower + measure

Labeling of creative process sustainability, sustainability scorecard, virtual concepting.

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