Solutions for alignment between procurement and marketing

Author: Mike Perez
People seated at a desk across from each other in a conference room


The benefits of the outsourced model

A simple model used in marketing procurement discussions is the sourcing triangle, with cost, quality, and time at the angles. In theory, one angle—cost, for example—cannot change without affecting the other two and altering have performance objectives around reducing cost and their actions could negatively impact quality, time, or both. The marketer, on the other hand, has performance objectives around quality—measured in consistency and time-to-market—to reach prospects and customers in their buying journey. Traditionally, these tensions between procurement and marketing have made alignment a challenge.

New levels of accountability have been placed on marketing professionals driven largely by advancements technology.  Revenue and ROI in marketing programs are now frequently placed performance metrics on the CMOs’ scorecards.

What the research uncovered

What this research by WBR Digital shows is that this market shift, taken together with new technology-driven outsourced marketing execution solutions, enables alignment between procurement cost reduction goals while improving both quality and time-to-market goals of the marketer. When taken all together, the improvements in all three areas yield greater ROI. The triangle, then, does not change shape—all three sides get longer and the angles cost, quality, and time remain equal. ROI, the center of the triangle itself, increases.

Obtaining the solution

We are pleased to have been involved in this research that reveals attainable ROI solutions for marketers with alignment for procurement objectives. This research supports our clients success when engaged with the HH Global model. I look forward to speaking with you about the results and how your entire organization can benefit from outsourced marketing execution. Contact me here to set up a time to talk.