Proof Positive: Jessica Juarez

Author: Nicole McQuitter
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Interview with an HH Global marketing event expert

End-to-end marketing. Serving our clients at every content touchpoint along the customer journey. Working with our clients, our experts uncover opportunities along the integrated marketing channels. From creative concepting to post-market analytics. From print production to digital execution. Full campaign management including all of the details encompassing one of the most personal touch points - event management. Jessica Juarez is an HH Global marketing event expert.

Tell us about how HH Global serves the client.
We provide onsite resources to their marketing program. The HH Global team has a well-rounded set of skills. We can always produce what the client needs. As the program has grown -- while the team has taken on more projects that have achieved excellent results -- we have come to earn our client’s trust.

Tell us about your position. How is it a perfect fit for you?
I started with HH Global for the client’s Partners team as a Marketing Events Coordinator for events promoting advertising solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. Because I have a passion and have studied both event and people management the position was a perfect fit for me. My day consisted of managing all details while being alert for opportunities to streamline processes. I worked side-by-side the marketing and social teams to ensure brand consistency and to keep them updated on the latest trends in product and events spaces.

After just over a year, I was promoted to Associate Marketing Project Manager. I have ownership over training events from small workshops to large-scale productions that take place both domestically in over twelve states as well across North America. I love to travel, so this part of the job was a definite perk for me.

I continue to work with the marketing teams integrating events into campaigns. I ensure that the events meet the objectives plus I measure, test, providing the results to help evolve the program to broaden their outreach and result in new business.

There is so much to learn in the tech and digital marketing space. Managing contract negotiations and high-level communications have brought my skills up to the next level.

What was your first day with the client like? How has your role changed?
It was a little intimidating to meet with one of the world’s most recognized brands. They pride themselves on being unconventional with their own internal jargon. My manager and the rest of the HH Global team assured me that they went through the same experience when they first started and that I would learn as I grew in my role. And it was true!

Every day I am inspired by my teams’ drive to deliver excellence. I have an awesome manager in Danielle Silva. She is a great problem solver, and we work very closely together. Danielle is an encouraging leader and has been instrumental in helping me reach my goals.

You have been on a professional growth path with HH Global. What passion in your life has fostered your personal growth?
My family. They are my biggest influence and have helped me to mature and continually develop in my education and career. As I said, I love to travel and learn more about other cultures. I am also very proud of my Mexican heritage and participate in cultural organizations.

What would be your advice to someone who wanted to enter into marketing?
Never stop learning. Always be open to taking the opportunities as they come, even if they are outside of your wheelhouse.

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