How marketing technology enables your campaigns

Author: James Murray
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How marketing technology enables your campaigns

Ensure maximum leverage and provide analysis

In today’s fast-moving digital world, no longer are marketers debating or arguing that content is key, they’re living by it and practicing it. With all of the bases that marketers are now expected to cover: email, SEO, Pay-per click (PPC) advertising, blogs, content management, and social media – it can become overwhelming. It becomes difficult to measure return on investment, and for the smaller teams, almost impossible to prioritize without analytics-driven insight.

No matter how strong the quality of content may be that is driving a campaign, human resources alone struggle to create a cycle of world-class marketing performance. Why? You simply don’t have the capacity to schedule, measure, monitor, and evaluate while simultaneously creating content and formulating marketing strategy that will take your brand further.

The answer is marketing technology

The answer is marketing technology. By using marketing technology, the strategy remains in the marketers’ hands, but the campaign is enriched by the tools that help ensure precision, efficiency, and timeliness. The content is still key, but the technology enables that content, ensuring maximum leverage.

It doesn’t matter what that content is -- it could be a series of social media posts, a single blog article, or a global marketing print campaign. Using good marketing technology offers the transparency every marketer craves to monitor success: whether it’s through hitting timelines with RAG status rankings, scheduling future campaigns, or using visual dashboards to view what went well, what didn’t, and how that can be applied to future campaigns.

As marketers are increasingly leveraging newer marketing practices such as social and SEO, consolidating and streamlining these practices are becoming the real challenge. The true power of marketing technology is now more important than ever, and this is why senior marketing and marketing procurement professionals are exploring these options.

How are you using marketing technology to enable your content? To learn more about how HH Global employs marketing technology to benefit global brands, click here.

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