What are executives reading?

Author: Avleen Kohli
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The choices of HH Global experts

The transformative effect of reading 

Entranced by The Great Read and the power of reading? Influencers understand the power of reading - to chance to reach higher ground and to become grounded. To travel the world and through time on a fantastic journey.

HH Global’s leadership team enjoys reading about the transformational power of endurance and perseverance in overcoming obstacles. From current events to historical times, they apply these lessons to business outcomes. Take a look at this edition for the journeys of HH Global leaders.


Senior Vice-President, Marketing and Business Development, Mark Tiedens

Mark’s recommendation of a book on leadership is a book not on the topic of leadership.

Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage by Alfred Lansing and Nathaniel Philbrick is the account of British explorer Ernest Shackleton's 1914 attempt to reach the South Pole.

Mark tells the story in vivid detail. “Shackleton led an ill-fated exposition in the Antarctic seas, wherein he had to abandon ship and lead his crew across drifting ice sheets, eventually to launch boats and arrive on Elephant Island to survive. He and four others then sailed the Drake Passage to South Georgia Island. He then crossed the island on foot to a settlement, to return later to rescue his remaining crew. Leadership, motivation, integrity, endurance - and dogged persistence are all strong themes throughout - themes I bring to my professional life.”

For personal reading, Mark is reading a non-fiction work of American history with applicable lessons for current times, The Witches: Suspicion, Betrayal, and Hysteria in 1692 Salem by Stacy Schiff.


Group Chief Financial Officer, Edward Parsons

The lessons of history pique the interest of HH Global leaders. Edward Parsons includes a spy thriller set during the 1938 Munich Conference Munich by Robert Harris and the historical drama spanning three generations in Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks in his personal reading.

Ready to hone the skills to be an effective leader? Edward recommends Why Should Anyone Be Led by You? What It Takes to Be an Authentic Leader by Robert Goffee and Gareth Jones. Edward has taken the book’s message to heart  - that effective leaders are those that are authentic in their individual strengths to engage and inspire others. The power of their authenticity behavior - confidence to be themselves and skilled to be consistent even during changing contexts -  means people will follow them.

a book that helped him realize develop the skills to be an authentic leader that to be an authentic leader I need to be myself. Stressing that effective leaders are authentic and skillful at consistently being themselves, even as they alter their behaviors to respond effectively in changing contexts.

As a book that It helped me realize that to be an authentic leader I need to be myself BUT with more skill.

Too many companies are managed not by leaders, but by mere role players and faceless bureaucrats. What does it take to be a real leader—one who is confident in who she is and what she stands for, and who truly inspires people to achieve extraordinary results?

Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones argue that leaders don’t become great by aspiring to a list of universal character traits. Rather, effective leaders are authentic: they deploy individual strengths to engage followers’ hearts, minds, and souls. They are skillful at consistently being themselves, even as they alter their behaviors to respond effectively in changing contexts. 

In this lively and practical book, Goffee and Jones draw from extensive research to reveal how to hone and deploy one’s unique leadership assets while managing the inherent tensions at the heart of successful leadership: 


Global Head of Technical Services, Gary George

It would be difficult to find a more voracious reader at HH Global than Gary George. Multi-tasking with finesse, Gary takes advantage of audiobooks to satisfy his appetite for knowledge.

It is no surprise that Gary’s audio stack includes many works of innovation and technology including Life 3.0 - Being Human in an Age of Artificial Intelligence by Max Tegmark, a study of the benefits of AI to humanness that aids the reader be provoking in the conversation,  to provoke thoughts on how the benefits of artificial intelligence will add to our humanness, This book empowers you to join what may be the most important conversation of our time. It doesn't shy away from the full range of viewpoints or the most controversial issues - from superintelligence to meaning, consciousness, and the ultimate physical limits on life in the cosmos, The Beginning of Infinity: Explanations That Transform the World by David Deutsch, an attempt to make quantum physics less mysterious and more comprehensible, and Machine, Platform, Crowd: Harnessing Our Digital Future by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee, a toolkit for thriving in the new world of machine-driven technology.

Gary’s recent relocation to the HH Global Hong Kong office necessitates keeping China - A Traveller Guide as a frequent reference guide.

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