Executing creatively at a global level

Author: Dickson Bueno


Talent: the backbone of any creative endeavor

HH Global’s Director of Creative Operations, Dickson Bueno, is a recognized creative practitioner, leading the revolution of the creative space from the aesthetic to the practical for global Fortune 500 brands. A contributing panelist at the recent Creative Operations Exchange Conference, Dickson’s focus was essential metrics for operating profitable creative teams. Leveraging on his experience from the agency artboard to the world of 360° reality and enabling technology to accurately measure results, Bueno shares his take on the evolution of creative operations in a series of blog posts.

The wheel, the knörr, the locomotive, and the espresso machine … all great things that have shaped and continue to influence our modern world, but what do they all have in common? People.  

No matter what type of business you are in, people are the backbone of any venture. They create, maintain, and improve infrastructure. They develop, enforce, and enhance process. And they source, test, and implement technology. So when we think about it, the greatest asset to a business are its people.

Today’s companies are looking for ways to maximize their creative and marketing budgets by stretching their campaigns across other markets. Their challenge is finding partners who can provide solutions tailored to those local markets without the need to create individual campaigns for each. But sourcing local agencies and talents to provide these solutions is a time consuming and costly task.

Creative Production Services partners such as HH Global focus on this solution. Hiring the right talent in each region -- creative talent that can execute at every level for global clients. People who speak the language and understand the culture, who can take an existing campaign and tailor it for the region - no need for a completely new customized creative execution. For clients, this translates into time and money saved.

Thus finding the optimum talent is essential, that is why communication between the hiring managers and HR/Recruiting teams is key. It’s a dynamic that goes beyond creating a job description and handing it off. It entails constant review, evaluation, and modification of not just candidates but the job description itself, and tailoring it specifically for candidates in these markets.

With the right people in place, it’s time to ensure they can execute their work successfully. This is achieved in part through effective training. A well-crafted program that includes training on your specific processes and the technologies that fuel your workflows, is essential. Standardization of that training across global teams creates continuity across your operation, with the result of effective training reflected in efficiency and quality metrics. Skilled and well-trained people directly benefit clients looking for tailored solutions in their local markets.

History has proven that people can achieve and create great things. Creative Operations, fueled by people -- still doing great things in the 21st century.

Ready for a creative solution partnership? Reach out to me here. Look for my next post which will focus on the efficiencies in processes that are blowing off the doors in creative execution.