We’re Amazing Employee Awards

Author: Hatty Doherty
We_re Amazing Award Banner


Congratulations to the winners

The HH Global employee awards programme, “We’re Amazing”recognises those individuals who consistently demonstrate our values and have a positive impact on the success of our organisation.

This year we received the highest number of entries since the programme began, and we are delighted to see how many employees across the globe have been recognised for their hard work.

After a long and hard review, we have chosen our winners from each region:


Bethanie Krein - Bethanie has shown a consistent and relentless passion for her customers. Her colleagues recognise her as a star member of the Strategic Sourcing department and a great team player. Bethanie has worked tirelessly to support sourcing efforts, and will always go above and beyond on every project.

Bethanie’s passion and pride resulted in multiple nominations and we are delighted to present her with the “We’re Amazing” Award for the Americas.


Prathmesh Bane - Prathmesh has been with HH Global for two years, during which he has worked with honesty and dedication. His innovative and friendly nature has been recognised across the company and we are delighted to award Prathmesh with the “We’re Amazing” Award for APAC.


Paolo Carminati - Paolo has shown true love for our clients throughout his work. He has achieved the highest levels of client feedback for all of the accounts he supports. His work with our customers has made HH Global a true partner, and his passion to build relationships cannot be faulted. Paolo’s demonstration of our values including having passion and pride and love for our clients mean  that it is our pleasure to award him with the “We’re Amazing” Award for EMEA.

Congratulations to all those nominated and to our winners!