HH Global to acquire Adare International

Author: Mike Perez


HH Global announces the signing of an agreement to acquire Adare International

HH Global is pleased to announce the signing of an agreement on Monday 21 June 2021 to fully acquire Adare International from the private equity firm Endless LLP. 

Adare is a British-headquartered provider of marketing services with strong procurement, creative and data offerings. 

The combined global business will consist of more than 4,000 employees across more than 50 countries, generating approximately $2.1bn in annual sales as HH Global consolidates our leading position in the sector. 

Consistent with the recent merger with InnerWorkings, the fundamental rationale for the deal is the strategic fit, in that the businesses are tremendously complementary. 

Geographically, the acquisition enhances our international footprint and scope, particularly in Europe and Latin America. From a solutions perspective, Adare has an excellent procurement offering, as well as bringing expanded content and interactive service lines which we’re excited about taking to our clients. 

The clients and brand portfolios fit well, allowing us to drive more aggregation and leverage in the marketplace and provide suppliers with meaningful opportunities to expand their business and utilise more capacity. 

The excellence of Adare’s people and culture played a critical part in the decision to acquire and bring the best talent in the industry together. 

It’s worth noting that Adare’s choice of HH Global as acquirer is a reflection of our reputation and status. 

Group CEO of HH Global Mike Perez said “We are delighted to be bringing Adare International and HH Global together. We’re excited about the potential of our combined company. This comes because we’ll have increased geographical coverage, extended service lines, and enhanced purchasing power – and most critically because we’re bringing the best people in the industry together. We are very much looking forward to welcoming Adare’s clients and people to HH Global once the acquisition closes”.

CEO of Adare International Andrew Dutton said “We are delighted to be joining HH Global as it accelerates its growth journey. It is an incredible milestone for Adare and a testament to the outstanding team we have assembled and the rapidly growing client portfolio we have created. Our combination will provide our customers with enhanced services and our teams with expanded career opportunities. We are looking forward to working with our new colleagues as we begin the transition to deal completion”.

The transaction is subject to further legal processes, which are expected to take between 8-12 weeks.