Santos 欢迎包 - Cartier

Cartier 庆祝品牌史上第一款男士腕表问世 100 年。

Cartier 庆祝品牌史上第一款男士腕表问世 100 年。

In early nineteenth-century Paris, the young brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont asked Louis Cartier to develop an easy-to-read watch to be used during flights. In 1904, Cartier designed the famous wrist watch that after 100 years still maintains the same name of who has inspired it: Santos.

HH Global carefully created a high-end welcome pack (containing a Cartier Foulard, a notebook, passport holder, invitations, informational materials and special postcards printed on a metallic surface) to celebrate 100 years of Cartier Santos. The folder was presented to the participants of the welcome party, held at the San Francisco Cartier Boutique.

The product was entirely engineered by the HH Global team. The process began by presenting three different solutions, as usual for our high-end productions. Following several mockups, tests and refinements we developed the final version, perfectly balancing aesthetics with cost-effectiveness.


  • Upholstered Imitlin fabric
  • Hot foil printing
  • Laser cutting
  • Hand-made processing and ennoblements
  • Silkscreen and digital print on Bandoxal metallic sheets