Pijpers heads new Promotional Products and Premiums unit

Author: Mark Tiedens
Hong Kong skyline at dusk


Adds a new pillar to the current services

HH Global has announced the appointment of Mr. Koen Pijpers to the position of Operations Manager, Promotional Products and Premiums - APAC as of the August 21, 2017.

Pijpers will be heading up a new business unit within the APAC region which will be dedicated to Premiums Procurement, primarily from China. This new business outreach will enable HH Global to extend the partnership with clients, adding a new pillar alongside the current services.

Pijpers has years of experience in the premiums procurement market; both in sourcing and sales, and has worked with a number of blue-chip companies including Diageo, Heineken, PepsiCo, Coca Cola, JTI, Philip Morris, ABN AMRO, ING, Kraft Foods, and more.

The expanded professional Sourcing and Procuring Premiums team will allow for:

  • Pro-actively approach the current client network with the added services
  • Increase revenue with the current client network alongside the current marketing services spend
  • Introduce better buying practices for premiums through a local trader network
  • Leverage the global premiums spend of HH Global and create savings and efficiency

“I am delighted to have this solution in place as we can now become a more significant outsource partner for our clients and cover a greater percentage of their marketing spend” said Andrew Price, CEO of APAC. “We are looking forward to delivering expanded solutions to our clients.”