Systems Training Manager - APAC - Hong Kong

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Systems Training Manager - APAC

The objective of the role is to ensure all induction, training and use of processes and technology is efficient and compliant to benefit the business


Reporting into the Chief Operating Officer APAC, this newly created role is to oversee the use of processes and the use of HHUB and other business technologies. The objective of the role is to ensure all induction, training and use of processes and technology is efficient and compliant to benefit the business

Efficiency and Compliance –

  • Due to your high level of understanding of HHUB, or other recognised procurement platforms, and processes your objective is to train correct use of HHUB and other technologies and to train others to adhere to robust and strict processes around purchasing.
  • The role will work closely with the APAC Compliance Manager to assess data and visibility across the APAC accounts to track and measure the correct use of the technology by our teams. This role is a vital role to identify non-compliant buyer behaviour and implement action plans to correct these behaviours at a team or individual level.
  • The role will be required to understand the client contract and match that to current ways of working, to ensure our buying behaviours and commercial models are aligned to follow each documented client process internally and with external suppliers through HHUB. You will be supported by the Compliance Manager and COO across all activities.
  • For any opportunities identified you will be asked to document the reasoning and recommendations for review with the COO and Account Director.

Training –

  • The role will be to induct and train people on the use of HHUB and other business technologies.
  • The role will work closely with the HR Director to link in with ongoing training models for new recruits as part of the formal induction plan.
  • The role will be required to manage training schedules across the region alongside HR to ensure every member of our team is fully efficient in the use of HHUB and technologies.
  • The role objective is to minimise risk to compliance and increase effective and compliant use of business systems.

System Improvement –

  • The role will be the APAC representative for the HHUB 2.5 Programme. This involves connecting and building relationships with the global project leads to ensure APAC requirements are documented.
  • HHUB 2.5 is an important rebuild of HHUB that will require APAC feedback into areas of the technology build that will help our region. This will involve a flexible approach to working hours to enable connection in differing time zones

Compliance –

  • Process reviews – To understand what accounts are doing in the way of current process and to identify opportunities to reduce risk in the account processes.
  • Documenting the landscape – documenting what is happening inside the account that is in breach of the documented process maps and way of working.


Implementation –

  • The role will work with the Implementation Managers to align on training schedules for new accounts training. This will involve regional travel which could be up to 50% of your time.


Management –

  • Support the Regional Management team by supporting business strategy through training and process reviews with accounts.
  • Communicate all findings to the APAC COO and regional account leads from various regional locations for transparency of information.
  • Identify and search for improvement opportunities that are otherwise not visible at an Account Director or Country Manager level.
  • The role will be expected to monitor performance of business units. You will deliver professional analysis on potential risks to the business and help deliver action plans for improvement.


Core competencies:

  • Procurement system user, HHUB experience preferred
  • Ability to partner with senior managers to deliver account based objectives
  • Industry knowledge preferred but not essential
  • Strong organizational and process management skills
  • Positively embraces change, accepts new approaches and maintains own effectiveness in times of ambiguity
  • Delivers clear, concise and well-structured written and oral communication in English and Mandarin
  • Works collaboratively with others in pursuit of team goals
  • Shares information and ideas with others to achieve wider team or organizational objectives
  • Demonstrates a commitment to quality and operational excellence
  • Identifies opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Ensures processes are adhered to