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Author: Nicole McQuitter
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Interview with an HH Global creative expert

It begins with a question -  how can we interact with our customer along the path of service?  The answer takes shape as an idea. An idea, fueled by a spark of imagination moves through the creative process from concept to completion. A seamless and transparent process, creative production takes place "behind the curtain" as artists make the magic happen. When the process is in the hands of creative experts such as Dan Rogers, passion and pride drive the results for a customer journey that is more than what you asked for.

Read about the journey of an HH Global expert builds customer journey paths for the world’s largest source of information.

Dan Rogers: The proof of how an HH Global creative expert uses his passion for bringing our clients’ ideas to life.

Dan Rogers relocated from London to the San Francisco Bay area after working in the print business along with his father and uncle. With a passion for learning all topics that interest him, Dan found his niche with HH Global as a creative project coordinator. Dan’s ability to master technology, his creative talent and attention to detail resulted in a promotion to a production artist position. When the role for a production artist role dedicated to one of the world’s largest brands was available, Dan was brought on to extend the relationship.

What was it like meeting the client for the first time and how have you earned their trust? Interacting directly with clients was new for me. At first, it was intimidating to be working alongside a team on such a recognizable brand. I learned quickly that the quality of my work earned their trust. The team is very straightforward and focused. I have adapted to American communication styles and different ways of working. Being upfront and honest in a positive way keeps a relationship solid.

What are the passions in your life that have fostered your professional growth at HH Global? I enjoy being creative - everything from drone videography to detailing cars. I am also a self-taught techie for the latest innovative technology hardware. Without this knowledge, the drive to improve myself, I would not be where I am at today.  

How does working with your team move you out of your comfort zone and inspire you? I work with a highly talented team. We collaborate between our onsite client location here in California and the HH Global offices in San Francisco and Mexico. I have learned from watching the work style of Creative Services Manager, Ruwi Mudalige. Ana Brenes, a Lead Designer in our Mexico Studio, is an awesome inspiration. She is very talented and driven towards self-improvement as she received her Masters in Strategic Design and Innovation.

What would be your advice to someone who wanted to enter into the industry? Just say yes to the opportunities and see where the journey leads you.

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