Carbon impact

Author: Joshua Dale
Exhaust from white and red stripped smoke stackes

Carbon impact

Planning with accurate and auditable data

With reports that over 67 percent of consumers are more likely to buy from brands with a low carbon footprint, here's what your company need to be doing to stay competitive in a sustainably-conscious marketplace.

In Chicago, the extreme temperatures saw a drop to minus one degree Fahrenheit, as a polar air mass swept across North America to create record-shattering low temperatures. Whether this is related to climate change, every scientific body of national and international standing has agreed, or is at least neutral towards, the consensus that climate change exists and that we should do something about it.

As a result, it is getting more critical that organizations are aware of their own impact on the environment. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an ever-important part of business activity, and organizations are increasing budgets more for this.

The CSR advantage

As well as a healthy conscience, there are other advantages to having an in-depth CSR plan:

  • Improved corporate reputation among customers, clients, and competitors
  • Increased employee retention
  • Financial savings – implemented CSR programs can lead to more efficient buying practices

The key in carbon emission data

Many scientists and organizations agree that a large part of climate change is caused by carbon emissions. Therefore it would be sensible for organizations with strong environmental credentials to monitor, reduce, and offset its carbon emissions. Calculating your carbon footprint is useful internally for lower costs in the long-term, and externally where consumers are starting to demand “low carbon” products.

The impact for the print industry

It is clear to see that the environment will play an important part in future business decisions, with the impact of print on the environment increasingly becoming a priority for many businesses. Until recently, companies have not been able to quantify the impact their print had on the environment. HH Global is pioneering a solution that provides an accurate and auditable CO2 output value for each print or point of sale job that we manage. The CO2 Calculator isn’t limited solely to print; we can also track figures for digital marketing technologies. This means that our clients can set targets to reduce or offset the CO2 impact of their campaigns based on accurate and auditable data.

HH Global is delighted to be pioneering a service that can help our clients be “greener”. We can calculate your carbon footprint, and give you real-time visibility into the CO2 contained in your day-to-day commercial activity, enabling wise decision making in terms of reducing or offsetting carbon impact. To learn more about HH Global’s sustainable approach to procurement, click here.