Green solutions for global brands

Author: James Murray
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Green solutions for global brands

Innovative initiative by HH Global manages ecological impact of print production

As brands increasingly place more and more focus on bolstering their green credentials, there’s a reciprocated expectation on their suppliers to deliver solutions. As a result, marketing services companies are rolling out initiatives to substantially increase their client’s green credentials, reducing waste on a global scale.

The HH Global approach to green solutions

The most recent and innovative of these initiatives by HH Global is our CO2 management technology. Our system helps reduce carbon pollution and wastage by giving our clients full visibility into the impact of their print procurement activity. The system captures CO2 emission data based on product specifications, collating this data and providing the baseline with which any organization can use to monitor and reduce its CO2 output. The CO2 calculator presents a carbon value for each job, through  our HHub technology, as part of a typical order process, with the options for the client to purchase verified carbon standard (VCS) offsets, and to work closely with HH Global to implement CO2 output reduction strategies where possible.

The CO2 management technology is just one element of the HH Global green ecosystem which forms our true innovation. It acts as the nucleus of our waste management initiatives, by offering our clients visibility into and providing accountability for these carbon values, it gives us the opportunity to raise and potentially implement additional waste management solutions. For example, the REDUCE initiative has the specific objective of optimization of specifications, materials, and formats, and aims to assist our client in reducing their waste by standardizing marketing production. As the supplier of our client’s marketing print category, we are able to help innovate and make suggestions on waste management initiatives that benefit the client from both an environmental and fiscal perspective. This standardization can be a product redesign by our in-house Creative Production Studio, for example reducing the amount of paper per product by condensing messaging, or it can be a complete product redesign to optimize marketing production output.

The CO2 management platform opens doors for the implementation of other HH Global innovations such as invisible watermarking, which is making the real changes not just to our client’s individual jobs - but to the whole printing industry. For example, rather than run campaigns where our clients send printed vouchers to customers - using the CO2  counter as an acting enabler, we are able to suggest technologies such as invisible watermarking, which customers can scan with a smartphone to be redirected to an online redeemable offer – thereby reducing the amount of printing undertaken in a customer engagement cycle.

In a nutshell

By attributing a CO2 value to every job we do for our clients, we give them the opportunity to both offset the amount and discuss wider initiatives that are spearheading the way for a new era of managed print services in a greener industry; all pioneered by HH Global. For an industry worth $640 billion, HH Global hopes that these changes represent not just a new HH Global innovation, but a fundamental switch in the actions of those in print, and the perceptions of those looking in.