Chaumet Red Pockets

Supporting Chaumet’s prestigious Red Pockets project

End-to-end production of Chaumet’s Red Pockets project

The Chaumet China Maison asked us to manage the production of their Red Pockets project, supporting via local printing in the interest of cost and timing, while guaranteeing quality. Red Pockets are produced for the Chinese market each year, with luxury brands competing to create the best red pockets set, offering them to their most valued customers within China. The production is therefore always complex and intricate, to ensure competitive advantage is achieved.

Although the final product was required within China, we offered Chaumet the same process management and the same quality provided for previous projects produced in Italy.  In order to completely reassure Chaumet of the quality of production, we provided:

  • Various high-end paper options based, on analysis of the Chinese market
  • Step-by-step project management
  • Two complete prototypes for validation
  • A first (prototype) production
  • Packaging validation
  • Dispatch management

The Chaumet team were delighted with the result and did not launch an RFP, as HH Global were trusted to deliver the next edition in collaboration with their preferred creative agency. Furthermore, by providing a solution in-market, carbon emissions were reduced.