African telecommunications company

CASE STUDY: Partnerships that drive collaboration

Partnerships that drive collaboration

We have been working with a leading African telecommunications company for the past six years. Over this period, we have developed an excellent partnership, supporting over 4,000 campaigns and over 100 million individual products.

We regularly interact with over 280 client stakeholders, across all entities operating across the region. Today, we provide the company with a range of print, outdoor and POS products across numerous business units. We’ve been constantly meeting and exceeding client expectations over the years and saved them millions of rands due to the efficiencies unlocked by the HH Global model.

Throughout our relationship to date, we have continuously strived to develop our service offering. We have introduced a number of initiatives to streamline operations, including the introduction of our on-site team who are available and on-hand, meaning we have an excellent understanding of requirements and can reduce workload by contacting to correct regional departments for information.

In addition, we have reduced lead times by seven days for certain product lines, by altering the pagination to ensure the best possible product, while reducing costs and turnaround times. We have also formed strong relationships with all external client partners such as agencies, creative teams and distribution partners, allowing us to collaborate and provide innovation, cost savings and lead time reductions.