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Innovation: see it in every aspect of your marketing execution. In the way processes and product specifications are managed: as opportunities for cost and efficiency improvements. In the use of advanced technology that automates almost every aspect of execution. In dedication to information: capturing, analysing, and integrating insights, from savings to sustainability. Keeping current on trends and cooking up ideas in HH Labs. Delivering uniquely visionary solutions to achieve the next level of success.

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Innovation, the touchstone of HH Global’s vision. It’s why leading global brands trust our solutions. Innovation is how we developed our QPP colour management programme, numerous paper sustainability initiatives, and the industry-leading HHub technology. Innovation: it’s in our DNA


Research and development, inspired by ideas. Around the globe, employees explore ideas, individually or in teams. They develop them into solutions or services, adding even more value to HH Global’s market-leading offerings. Enthused and inspired by the latest technology and trends, experts in the HH Labs have developed ground-breaking innovations, including 3D printing, a CO2 calculator, invisible watermarking, smart document tracking, and brand solutions.


HH Global is committed to optimising and improving client solutions as an ongoing, active process. Market trends are monitored, insights explored. The best of these innovations, ideas, and advanced technologies are integrated into HH Global’s offerings. Innovation across the entire supply chain, from process efficiencies to sustainability improvements. Taking marketing execution to the next level. For every client, across every solution.