Supporting economical and ecological savings

Case Study: Expertise Story of Success

Partnerships with experts reap comprehensive benefits

From start to finish, HH Global is aligned to every benchmark that will compel our clients’ campaigns to be more effective, more responsive, and more profitable. By engaging with an experienced marketing execution partner and leveraging the expertise of our embedded team, HH Global is able to bring to our clients a skilled perspective that breaks the traditional mold and achieves results.

For a multinational banking and financial services provider, HH Global has the dexterity to provide an innovative solution with results that positively affect both their marketing budget and the planet. All to stand out in a fast-paced market.

Expertise Story of Success

As a major global bank, our client launches multiple campaigns to attract new and convert existing customers to higher-end investment accounts. As part of a multi-media campaign to an affluent audience, the key messaging focuses on a personalized relationship for wealth management. Direct mail supplements the media campaign on a quarterly basis and is aimed to instruct the recipient to visit a retail location or website to establish an account. A traditional approach of outer envelope with separate letter and brochure was initially considered.

For the HH Global direct mail experts, a review of the efficiency, responsiveness, and costs - both to the marketing budget and the impact to the environment - is always in order. The HH Global team understood that the project lead times were driven by envelope-converting times as well as production time for laser imaging and assembly. Establishing a baseline of the cost per unit, allowed for visibility into improved processes.

Taking to task a method to simplify production and improve speed to market, the HH Global team proposed an improved inline-web printed format. The result is an improved process that increases efficiency by streamlining to a single production process. Critical results include improved speed to market and a reduced cost per unit of 91 percent.

Capturing impressive savings is always important. The results measured through the trackable mailing by new accounts opened both online and in retail banking locations are the essence of their marketing campaign. The savings achieved through HH Global’s implemented production method, tested through two executions, allowed for the resources to increase the number of mailings and to become the largest trackable source of investment category account customers.

As part of HH Global’s efforts to support economical and ecological savings, the environment impact of the updated program was computed through our calculator. Savings of 4,470 trees - enough to fill 4 acres, 17,590,428 liters of water - enough to fill six Olympic-sized swimming pools, 1,380 ton of CO2, equal to 295 average passenger vehicles driven for one year, and 1,265 MWH of energy - equal to 142 average homes’ energy use for one year were achieved and reported to the client on our Environmental Impact dashboard. Partnering with our clients to align with their sustainability commitment and achieve their annual goals is how HH Global is ready to meet our ambitious Sustainability Targets for our 2019 Fiscal Year.

Partnerships with experts reap comprehensive benefits.

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