Global Sustainability Targets

Autore: Lydia Nadolski
Sun flare as seen through the top of green leafed trees


Commitment to ecologically-sound paper and print choices

HH Global today announced its global sustainability targets for the 2019 fiscal year. The targets are a cornerstone of “Innovation with Purpose” - a triad approach that includes a commitment to the support of UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development, to develop innovative solutions, and a pledge to foster the involvement of employees, clients, and suppliers.

Innovative creative production and marketing execution can address a viable response to global challenges while promoting responsible and green business practices. Our strategy, “Innovation with Purpose” guides our sustainability agenda outlined by our three commitments:

  1. Purpose: to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  2. Innovation: to develop innovative solutions that boost profits, protect the environment, and contribute to society
  3. Involvement: to work with our clients, suppliers, and employees

These commitments support our ambition to partner with clients to deliver a sustainable marketing execution program, and our duty to help businesses make ecologically-sound paper and print choices.

The sustainability targets are aligned with the standard categories used to calculate the environmental impact associated with paper consumption: carbon, trees, water, and energy.

HH Global has committed to help their clients reduce the environmental impact of marketing execution programs by a total of:

32,000 trees - enough to occupy 40 acres
100 million liters of water - enough to fill 40 Olympic-size swimming pools
9,000 tonnes of CO₂ - equivalent to the removal of 2,000 average cars from the road
8,000 MWh of energy - equivalent to the energy to power 900 homes for a year

To achieve these targets, the environmental benefits of production choices will be measured and reported to the client through an Environmental Impact reporting dashboard. The established targets ensure accountability, as the impact of natural resources are assessed for each marketing program.

For HH Global, the establishment of the sustainability targets aligns with industry best practices, and along with ISO 14001 accreditation, provides assurance that concerted efforts to measure and improve environmental impact are in place internally, and fostered throughout the supply chain.

HH Global is the marketing execution partner of choice for brands that seek to maximize both economic and environmental savings. A continual innovation process is in place to identify initiatives and ways to save from alternatives including reduced paper weight and increased recycled content, to making use of advanced digital technologies.

“We are pleased to be able to make a public statement that outlines our goals,” stated HH Global’s Global CEO Robert MacMillan. “Our commitment to sustainability continues to be a market-differentiator that resonates with our clients. Global brands are keen to work with us as a marketing execution company with an aligned commitment to a positive environmental impact, and to serve in partnership with their operations as a sustainable business.”

Kevin Dunckley, HH Global’s Chief Digital and Innovation officer, supports this agenda. “The recent sustainability awards from across the globe are assurances that we are taking the lead on behalf of the supply chain. We look forward to good things to come.”

By measuring and reporting our impact, and using technology to improve resource efficiency and responsible sourcing, HH Global will continue to advance environmentally-sound programs in support of its clients to protect the planet. The development of partnerships with key environmental non-governmental organizations and leaders including the Environmental Paper Network, will foster the extension of our values throughout the supply chain.