HH Global expands rollout of Google Chrome display into Japan

Autore: Mark Tiedens
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Major milestone of growth in the APAC market

HH Global has formed a partnership with Densan System Co., Ltd., (Google Cloud Premier Partner). This partnership has been created to help transform the customer experience in Japanese retailers through maximising the use of Google Chrome’s self-service customer-facing technologies.

The digital kiosk solution is now fully introduced to the market, and is powered by Chrome OS  and Chrome Enterprise. The solution brings together technology at the point of sale with an enhanced in-store communication capability, and can provide personalised marketing messaging, sales kiosk functionality, and store employee support.

Content from a cloud-based server can be used to add value to the customer’s shopping experience by providing easy access to interactive content and up to date information. For employees, the solution provides on-demand access to training, detailed product information, current inventory levels, and operational processes.

“As a leader in the marketing execution industry, we understand that we must constantly evolve and create innovations to accommodate the ever-changing market environment. In the past, retailers relied on expensive displays, rigid content tools, or unreliable devices to distribute content. With cloud technology and Chrome OS, that is all about to change,” Paul Jones, Japan’s Country Manager of HH Global commented.

“We saw a steep drop in display prices, flexible and affordable cloud-based content, and sophisticated management tools, all available on a Chrome OS device platform. We are excited to drive this innovation through Google tools and bring new, exciting business opportunities to our clients,” said Andrew Price, HH Global’s APAC CEO.

HH Global this time partners with Densan. Densan has been providing Chrome OS products to the market with a current proof of concept alongside customers like TOEI Transportation and Metro Ad Agency. Retailers demand technology to help them better facilitate and deliver a unique experience to customers. This solution partnership will help bring Google technology closer to their Japanese customers, and will be a major milestone in HH Global’s remarkable growth story.