Credit Controller, Mexico City Mexico

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Finance , Mexico City, MX

Support the Credit Control Manager/Sales Ledger Team in collection of debts within terms.

Job description




  • Support the Credit Control Manager/Sales Ledger Team in collection of debts within terms
  • Being involved in the SAP implementation and assist in any Ad Hoc duties required to fulfill this



  • Obtaining timely payment of clients’ outstanding balances
  • Keeping overdue balances to the minimum
  • Allocation of cash receipts
  • Maintaining the accounting systems sales ledger accounts
  • Liaise with internal department in handling invoicing issues
  • Liaising with internal departments, and external factoring companies, to facilitate the collection of unpaid invoices
  • Liaising with customers when required
  • Completion of ad hoc requests and working on ad hoc projects when required



  • Previous Credit control experience
  • SAP B1 knowledge
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Excel
  • Previous experience in multi currencies
  • Good understanding of general accounting processes
  • Strong written and verbal English


·         Customer Focused: Goes beyond quality, delivery, reliability and consistency - involves focusing one’s efforts on finding what a customer needs, before the customer themselves are even aware. Using this information and addressing and meeting the requirement.

·         Innovation: Thinks creatively to ensure business goals are achieved and take actions to develop innovative solutions. Employees may need to find genuinely novel approaches to reduce costs, change working practices and processes, as well as to develop new opportunities.

·         Results Focused: Ensuring you are a finisher as well as a starter; it involves measuring and monitoring progress and keeping an eye on the bottom line. It is important that when the change of pace is intense, distractions do not take over, and initiatives started are completed.

·         Team Player: Commitment to the organizations’/ departments’ common goal, a focus on what is best for the business rather than suits the individual. It involves communicating, sharing and supporting and it goes much further than meeting others half way, it is about putting effort into building good working relationships, taking the initiative when others are slow and not being put off by negative responses.

·         Achievement Drive: Wanting to do the best possible job to improve the performance of the business and the competitive position of HHG in the market place. Always looking for a better way to get things done and puts plans into practice. If improvements can be made, inadequacies will be questioned and actioned.

·         Impact and Influence: The awareness of one’s own impact and the ability to target this for the desired effect, as well as the ability to position and bring into play others key members of staff  in order to influence events towards positive conclusions. It is marked by an ability to overcome obstacles internally and externally by unlocking situations.  

  • Organizational Awareness: Understands and learns the power relationships in one’s own organisation or in other organizations (customers, suppliers etc.). Has the ability to identify who are the real decision-makers and the individuals who can influence them; and to predict how new events or situations will affect individuals and groups within the organisation




  • Health and Safety
    • All employees have duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to take care of themselves and of others that may be affected by their acts or omissions.
    • All employees must, at all times, co-operate with their Managers and Supervisors in adhering to legal requirements and to company rules, policies and procedures.
    • Any employee who fails to co-operate or who, in any way, compromises the standard and safety within any HH Global site will be subject to the appropriate procedures.
  • Security:
    • All employees are required to report any security incident and processing malfunctions to their immediate Supervisor or Manager.
    • All employees are reminded that violation of the Company’s Information Security policies will be subject to the appropriate procedures. In some cases this could also be a criminal offence.