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Senior Account Manager, SEA

Senior Account Manager, SEA - Singapore

The Senior Account Manager SEA is accountable for developing client relationships and ensuring strategic oversight of the account team. This includes all aspects of business management, overall business growth, development and maintenance of senior level client relationships to effectively increase market share while helping clients improve their return on investment

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Key Responsibilities

Supervision of Account Operations

  • Oversee team’s scope of work and execution of all client deliverables
  • Supervising the planning, implementation, execution and evaluation of the projects
  • Reviewing and monitoring activity and manpower utilization and ensuring high quality of the team’s output

Driving project success

  • Receiving proper briefings and conveying clear project plan to the client and internal team
  • Organizing internal resources
  • Checking quality of all deliverables
  • Create and supervise creation of all project cost estimates
  • Control profitability of projects

Global Strategic and Operational engagement

  • Foster cooperation, communication and teamwork within HH GLOBAL Account teams globally – across teams and branches

Business Development

  • Identify new business opportunities to further establish long-term client partnerships with a broader integrated service offering
  • Discover and explore new opportunities within the existing brand and winning new projects
  • Being involved in negotiating important deals and building partnership with clients

Team Management / Senior Level Leadership

  • Leading, developing and motivating Account team
  • Planning resources and driving the process of hiring in cooperation with AD
  • Regular performance management, organizational development, coaching, providing ongoing support and fostering team work among team members

Strategic Management

  • Proactively help clients plan strategically – understanding their strategic position, making strategic choices for the future and managing strategy in action
  • Developing an operational plan incorporating objectives leading towards the strategic direction of the client

Financial control and project evaluation

  • Establish and communicate budgets and work back schedules for each project
  • Work within established operating budgets
  • Analyze job revenue, cost and profitability by job and/or project
  • Oversee profitability of multiple projects and provide AD timely income forecasts and updates as deemed necessary

Client Satisfaction

  • Developing and keeping excellent relationships with all client contacts


  • Acting as a trusted communications integrator across teams, keeping client and our teams informed all the time and providing answers to any questions regarding the projects he/she is responsible for

Knowledge and Skills

  • Initiative, resourcefulness and problem solving ability
  • Ability to multi-task and work under time pressure
  • Organized, efficient, focused and goal oriented
  • Displayed team management and development experience
  • Knowledge of materials (eg. Metal, wood, plastic, electronics etc.) is preferred
  • Knowledge of technical documentation(technical drawings) is advantageous
  • Has Supply Chain / Sourcing / Project Management working experiences will be plus
  • Working experience in store fixture industry will be plus
  • Frequent business trip to suppliers is required


  • Customer Focused: Goes beyond quality, delivery, reliability and consistency – involves focusing one’s efforts on finding what a customer needs, before the customer, themselves are even aware. Using this information, addressing, and meeting the requirement.
  • Innovation: Thinks creatively to ensure business goals are achieved and take actions to develop innovative solutions. Employees may need to find genuinely novel approaches to reduce costs, change working practices and processes, as well as to develop new opportunities.
  • Problem solver: Loves challenges and is naturally inclined to face them.
  • Relationship Building: Has the ability to build and maintain a network of business related contacts which will be useful in meeting objectives. It implies an understanding of customers’ and the wider market place and using this knowledge to develop networks and relationships.
  • Results Focused: Ensuring you are a finisher as well as a starter; it involves measuring and monitoring progress and keeping an eye on the bottom line. It is important that when the change of pace is intense, distractions do not take over, and initiatives started are completed.
  • Team Player: Commitment to the organizations / departments’ common goal, a focus on what is best for the business rather than suits the individual. It involves communicating, sharing and supporting and it goes much further than meeting others half way, it is about putting effort into building good working relationships, taking the initiative when others are slow and not being put off by negative responses.
  • Achievement Drive: Wanting to do the best possible job to improve the performance of the business and the competitive position of HHG in the marketplace. Always looking for a better way to get things done and puts plans into practice. If improvements can be made, inadequacies will be questioned and actioned.
  • Organizational Awareness: Understands and learns the power relationships in one’s own organization or in other organizations (customers, suppliers etc.). Has the ability to identify who are the real decision-makers and the individuals who can influence them; and to predict how new events or situations will affect individuals and groups within the organization

To apply please send an updated resume to apac.careers@hhglobal.com