HH Global kicks off official Australian launch

Author: Mark Tiedens
Sydney skyline with opera house at night


Continued expansion to meet client needs

HH Global has been officially launched in Australia, with the team’s global CEOs making the trip down under to meet the suppliers and printers that produce its print work. 

Marc Flior was the former part-owner of HH Global in Australia, and is now country manager. Flior explains, “HH Australia was functioning in a franchise model, that has now changed hands with HH Global Ltd. The company held its board meeting in Sydney with the intention of engaging the market and seeing what is going on.” HH Global Board members in attendance at the event included Robert MacMillan, Global CEO; Andrew Price, APAC CEO; Lee Humphreys, CEO Creative Production Services, Mike Perez, CEO Americas; Steve Nunn, CEO EMEA; and Kevin Dunckley, Chief Digital and Innovation officer. Also attended the event were Roger Kirwan from Foxcil, Andrew Cester and Gis Marven from Whirlwind, and Jamie Xuereb from Mediapoint.

HH Global first came to Australia in 2012, and added wide-format to its offerings in September. Flior says, “We have spent the past few years establishing ourselves, building infrastructure and capability. Now that it is all set up in place, we can go to the market offering a broad spectrum of capability to clients suited to our model and service offering.

“It is not so much printing, as being able to execute in the marketplace for them. Especially in the large-format, viscom, signage space, where installation and execution capability is complex. Our end to end capability is there, and there is a large volume of interest from clients to work in that space.”

“We are an end-to-end provider of outsourced print procurement, packaging procurement and creative production. We work closely with Google globally, and provide a number of solutions worldwide. We have some new clients coming on, and a parkline of implementation that will start in 2018. We are involved in discussions with a number of large, global multinationals, which I am sure will expand us in key industries we are strong globally: pharma, FMCG, and retail.”

“The intention was to introduce the board members to suppliers and clients. We are dependent on them, and it is our intention to turn what we do with them into positive outcomes. We value the support that we get from them.”

As for how printers can get work with HH Global, Flior explains, “We have a partner-orientated approach. We have a panel of providers in Australia, and work closely with a number of them. We will continue to expand that as our customer and clients needs expand. We normally expand that with incumbent suppliers for our new customers. We have a number of printers who had worked with clients over a long time, and now work with HH Global across our customers.”