Gordon Robert MacMillan Award

Author: Lydia Nadolski
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Three honored who continuously show commitment to the company’s values

HH Global is pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 Gordon Robert MacMillan award.

Named in memory of Group CEO Robert MacMillan’s father, the award recognizes the unsung heroes in the business who continuously show commitment to the company’s values.

Nominees were solicited from the Board of Directors. Due to the high number and caliber of nominees, a winner was honored from each of the three regions. Winners received a cash award as well as the selection of a charity to receive a donation from the business of £1,000 in local currency.

Winners of the 2018 Gordon Robert MacMillan Award

Woan Hoon Heng
Implementation Manager

Woan Hoon has made immediate and significant contributions to the regional business. Her input in the successful implementation of the Walmart China was exceptional, managing the delivery of the solution in record time. With passion and pride for her work, she has made a positive input to an account that is consequential to success in the region.

Woan has chosen ECPAT International to receive a donation in her honor.

Woan Hoon Heng - Implementation Manager

Kellie Poling-Lula
Account Director

Kellie is known throughout the business for her commitment to her client, her onsite team, and to HH Global. The success of the six-year client partnership is due in large part to Kellie’s integrity allowing her to earn their trust. The extension of the relationship within the Americas’ region demonstrates the principled foundation built by Kellie, as she leads her client for future success.

Kellie has chosen Gift of Adoption Fund to receive a donation in her honor.

L-R: Helen Babbe  - Senior Vice President Client Operations & Solutions, Kellie Poling-Lula – Account Director

Tina Antmann
Account Director

Tina has made a significant impact during her first year with HH Global. As she lives out the value to “love our clients,” Tina has received positive feedback by managing the expansion of the HH Global solution for two consumer brands into new markets in EMEA.

Tina has chosen ERS-Plus to receive a donation in her honor.

L-R: Mary Prior - Head of Client Services EMEA, Tina Antmann - Account Director

HH Global appreciates the commitment of all our 1,000+ employees who serve our clients.