HH Global launches new corporate training program

Author: Aurea Lee
Sydney skyline with opera house at night


Change2Thrive Australian organizational well-being training center

HH Global has launched a new online corporate training program with an Australian organizational well-being training center, Change2Thrive. This program is one of HH Global’s continuous training and development initiatives. The ten-month interactive training session empowers employees and creates a positive company culture through the power of applied positive psychology.

Named “Company Culture as Emotional Energizer” this science based training course conducted by Change2Thrive has helped HH Global employees to align their personal strengths with the organization’s values.  In line with Positive Psychology and Appreciative Inquiry principles, the training builds on the existing strengths of the employees and the organization, building strengths language, communication, and bringing all in line with the vision of the company. The first stage was conducted through face-to-face workshops delivered throughout HH Global’s APAC offices. The second stage of workshops was conducted via e-learning. This new way of learning allowed HH Global’s geographically dispersed workforce to learn and interact in one virtual space.

Lidia Doncova-Macri, Change2Thrive’s owner, remarked, “Working with HH Global is a very exciting and rewarding opportunity. In collaboration with Jo Lee, HH Global’s Regional HR Manager, we designed a course which is in line with the latest positive psychology research and the latest HR trends.  I love working with companies like HH Global that are committed to creating a thriving workplace and recognize that when the organization thrives, they are more effective and efficient at meeting their goals.”

The program aims to create a positive organizational culture with happier and more engaged employees which has been proven to increase operational productivity. It has been received with enthusiasm and HH Global’s employees have embraced the idea of walking side-by-side into an optimistic future.  The employees have learned to create opportunities for each other by asking positive and solution-focused questions, as well as focusing on personal and organizational strengths.

Change2Thrive is a wellbeing and performance consulting company located in Sydney, Australia. Lidia Doncova-Macri (BA-Psych, CAPP) transitioned from a 30-year career in Engineering and Construction. In the past she has helped companies solve problems and build out incredibly complex structures (such as architecturally designed houses, draglines, bridges and her personal favorite, a Snow Leopard cage in Taronga Zoo). Today, instead of constructing skyscrapers, she helps corporations sky rocket their goals. Change expert, trainer and a Positive Psychology based coach, she is a member of the International Coaching Federation and the International Positive Psychology Association. Also, she is a certified Flourishing Skills Group® trainer. Lidia assists employers in the implementation of meaningful and practical positive changes which create engaged, energized and prosperous company cultures.