Graphic Designer - Singapore

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Graphic Designer

Responsible for multi-channel production-ready final design artwork for HH clients.

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HH Global is a global marketing services group specialising in the execution of POS, print, digital and campaign execution management. We provide services to global brands and retailers, both directly and via their nominated agencies. HH Global delivers a seamlessly integrated Customer Brand Experience and a greater measurable return on marketing investment (ROMI).

With offices over 65 countries, HH Global delivers for some of the most successful and challenging brands in the world and is a market leader in the coordinated, leveraged, management of global marketing supply chains to unify and synchronise all customer touchpoints across creatives/ design, POS, print, digital and retail media. In recent years, needs for sustainability and innovation are ever more increasing and HH Global delivers total solution for clients.

HH Global continues to grow rapidly year on year and is searching for the best candidates in the market for those professionals who desire to be on a winning team.



Responsible for multi-channel production-ready final design artwork for HH clients.


  • Print-ready artwork creation
  • Templating
  • Design Team support
  • To receive at least 90% positive project feedback when feedback is received.
  • To maintain SLAs for delivery of media-ready artwork.
  • Produce final creative artwork to meet the client’s needs, in-line with their overall marketing strategy, working with HH account teams and client marketing teams.
  • Responsible for complete development final media-ready artwork.
  • Ensure that the client’s visual identity guidelines are upheld.
  • Monitor their own output for quality and accuracy, and to ensure final artwork in-line with the client’s visual identity guidelines.
  • Aware on an ongoing basis of design trends, undertaking appropriate research when required, thus ensuring HH client’s creative is innovative and appropriate for their regional audience.


  • Integrity: Is widely trusted, is seen as direct, truthful individual; keeps confidences; admits mistakes; does not misrepresent him/herself for personal gain.
  • Composure: Maintains a positive outlook at work, is cool under pressure, does not show frustration during difficult situations, handles criticism well, and learns from it; has a settling influence in a crisis; does not give up in the face of setbacks; maintains a healthy balance between work and personal life.
  • Expertise: Has the specialist expertise and skills and uses them to perform the job well; develops job knowledge through continual professional development.
  • Collaboration: Is easy to approach and talk to; spends the extra effort to put others at ease, builds rapport well; is a good listener; shows respect for the views and contributions of others; listens to and supports others; consults and shares information with others; establishes good relationships with peers, customers and employees; relates well to all kinds of people.
  • Client-centric: Focuses on meeting the needs of clients; uses customer data for improvements in products and services; acts with clients in mind; establishes and maintains effective relationships with clients.


  • Customer Focused: Goes beyond quality, delivery, reliability and consistency - involves focusing one’s efforts on finding what a customer needs, before the customer themselves are even aware. Using this information and addressing and meeting the requirement.
  • Innovation: Thinks creatively to ensure business goals are achieved and take actions to develop innovative solutions. Employees may need to find genuinely novel approaches to reduce costs, change working practices and processes, as well as to develop new opportunities.
  • Results Focused: Ensuring you are a finisher as well as a starter; it involves measuring and monitoring progress and keeping an eye on the bottom line. It is important that when the change of pace is intense, distractions do not take over, and initiatives started are completed.
  • Team Player: Commitment to the organisations’/ departments’ common goal, a focus on what is best for the business rather than suits the individual. It involves communicating, sharing and supporting and it goes much further than meeting others half way, it is about putting effort into building good working relationships, taking the initiative when others are slow and not being put off by negative responses.
  • Achievement Drive: Wanting to do the best possible job to improve the performance of the business and the competitive position of HHG in the market place. Always looking for a better way to get things done and puts plans into practice. If improvements can be made, inadequacies will be questioned and actioned.