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Author: Oliver Bradley
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How HH Global leads in sustainable strategies for print

HH Global is honored to be an FSC-certified supplier of paper products to our clients. In collaboration with #FSC Friday - the international day to focus to the importance of the world’s forests and the pivotal role of FSC in forest conservation, we are pleased to publish this guest blog post by Oliver Bradley, Director of Consulting and Research for TBL Services. Oliver highlights how HH Global sets the standards for sustainable market execution practices.

We’re all consumers of paper
Whether used to entertain, educate or inspire, deliver important messages, physical goods, or store food, our insatiable appetite for paper drives one of the largest industrial sectors in the world. The paper industry has an enormous impact on the wellbeing of global forests, where every year, around 44.5 million acres of forest - an area equal to the size of England and Wales - is felled. Despite being a renewable natural resource, it is suggested that some forests could vanish altogether within 100 years at current rates of consumption.

Forest loss presents devastating challenges, not only related to climate change, but also to species extinction, and to the people whose livelihoods depend upon forests. We can, however, protect our forests by engaging in sustainable consumption practices.

While in some parts of the world, particularly in tropical regions of the Southern hemisphere, forests are shrinking, while temperate forests in the Northern hemisphere are expanding. If managed sustainably, forest loss is not inevitable. Taking a long-term view, forests can thrive under sustainable practices. Although raw materials, manufacturing processes, and products are evolving to lessen their impact on the planet, the responsibility lies not only with the manufacturer. Responsible consumption of paper can also help safeguard the natural world, while supporting global goals.

Protecting life on land with sustainable print
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) present a global call-to-action for leaders and organizations, including businesses, to engage in an ambitious plan to end extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change by 2030. One of the goals in particular, “Goal 15: Life on Land,” promotes sustainable forest management; aiming to halt deforestation, restore degraded forests, and substantially increase global afforestation and reforestation.

In support of this, HH Global, as a purchaser of large volumes of paper on behalf of its clients, is committed to sustainable print marketing as part of its global sustainability strategy, “Innovation with Purpose.” HH Global provides solutions for their clients that promote responsible consumption through a series of thoughtful choices, from reducing paper weight to increasing the recycled content, and by making use of innovation and digital technologies.

The power of choice
The choices HH Global guides its clients to make, by highlighting the environmental impact of the paper consumed by their print marketing practices and presenting alternative options, have the power to promote sustainable forest management and slow down deforestation. Their aim is to minimize: minimize deforestation and biodiversity loss, energy and water use, and waste. By being mindful of the paper choices, we can conserve finite natural resources and ensure more trees remain in the ground.

To this end, HH Global has committed for fiscal year 2019 to work with its clients to reduce the environmental impact of their marketing execution programs by a total of:
32,000 trees - enough to occupy 40 acres
100 million liters of water - enough to fill 40 Olympic-size swimming pools
9,000 tons of CO2 - equivalent to the removal of 2,000 average cars from the road
8,000 MWh of energy - equivalent to the energy required to power 900 homes for a year.

Advancing conservation opportunities
HH Global works in partnership with suppliers and advocacy groups to provide visionary solutions to promote sustainable print marketing. Supported by the not-for-profit forest conservation organization, Canopy, HH Global has teamed to advance conservation opportunities through the implementation of HH Global’s Sustainable Materials Policy -- a commitment to promote sustainable materials usage through viable alternative choices -- and by promoting Canopy’s tools for eco-conscious choice of printers and papers in North America in their Blueline Ranking and EcoPaper Database.

HH Global partners with clients, suppliers, and NGOs to ensure that forests as well as the paper industry, thrive thanks to sustainably managed forests and sustainable consumption choices. As a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified supplier, HH Global guides their clients to the most appropriate choice of a paper products. Putting into action the “Innovation with Purpose” strategy, HH Global is in place to implement a global blueprint for the kind of future we can all aspire to.

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