The latest in global innovation

Author: Catherine Marsden


Want to know more about trends in retail?

Want to know more about the latest global innovation and trends in retail?

HH Global has recently released our Retail Trends guide covering the second quarter of  2017. If you have not seen it before, this is designed as an at a glance summary of some of the latest market developments and global innovation in marketing campaigns and point of sale displays.  

Rest assured this is not simply a compilation of blue-sky ideas; we carefully review multiple data and sources to select content that we think has the most relevance to our clients, and addresses current key market challenges and concerns.

The Retail Trends guide also features a gallery of in-store images, compiled by our staff from across the world, to help go beyond the press hype and show how marketing campaigns actually look in retail environments. This should prove useful to clients, as we know from feedback that there can often be difficulties visiting stores as often as they might like.

This edition features innovation including in-car mobile payments at gas stations, and laser printing on fresh produce, which could possibly reduce the need for printed packaging in the future.

Download the latest edition of the Retail Trends guide here and visit our website for further marketing execution success stories and best practice guides.