Proof Positive: Phyllis DeMichele

Author: Nicole McQuitter
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Interview with an HH Global procurement expert

Act with integrity and trust. HH Global experts form partnerships while working together with our clients. Trust and transparency exist within the partnership to ensure that the client’s best interests – quality, speed to market, and savings – are HH Global’s primary concern. This is proof positive about why the best relationships are the ones that have a mutual understanding across both sides of the table.

Read how an HH Global expert leads by example, bringing her procurement and marketing experience to build trust with her client partner.

Phyllis DeMichele: The proof of how an HH Global procurement expert uses her passion for people to build trust.

Phyllis DeMichele brings to her client an understanding of procurement, marketing operations, and print production. With extensive experience in contracting and supplier management, Phyllis’ tenure in print procurement developed her skills for her move to global marketing operations.

Phyllis was the perfect fit for the Client Services Manager position with a multinational pharmaceutical company. Phyllis began the steps to build trust advising the client that her goal was to work in partnership to produce the best results together. Pre-launch brand testing strategies put into place ensured quality and expedited the streamlining of the existing processes. Phyllis shared visibility into the implementation process and backed commitments with the promised results. Currently an Account Director, Phyllis has brought to life the HH Global value “Act with integrity and trust” within her team and their daily performance with the client.

What would your advice be to someone who wanted to enter into the industry? Networking and the ability to collaborate would be the skills to perfect.  

How do you describe HH Global to your friends and family? HH Global is very different from other companies in the industry.  HH Global knows how to build effective teams of knowledgeable and experienced professionals. The members of the senior leadership are down to earth and there is constant collaboration across all HH Global teams.   

How have you grown by working at HH Global? I’ve learned so much from the senior leadership team and my peers. I’ve continued to evolve my coaching style by working with such a talented and cooperative group.   

Of your life’s passions, what has fostered your personal growth? Coming from a large family, I learned to be collaborative and flexible.  I was taught to always do the right thing. When you act with integrity, the right thing will naturally come to you.

How have you integrated this passion for integrity into your employment at HH Global? I use a model of integrity when leading my team. I have a personal passion for people. I do my best to lead by example.

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