Proof Positive: Lee Humphreys

Author: Nicole McQuitter
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Interview with an HH Global marketing execution expert

Passion and pride. Flexible, nimble and willing to grow. At HH Global, our amazing employees are open to opportunities. Ready for a change of scenery, the latitude to learn and perfect your skills? Our story is proof positive that those with passion and pride and determination find a place to thrive - across the globe.

Lee Humphreys is an HH Global marketing execution expert who is truly global. As one of the first employees, Lee has grown with HH Global to become the CEO of Creative Production Services and a member of the Board of Executives since 2006. Learn how Lee’s passion for creative thinking and innovative-drive has taken his career path with HH Global across the world.

Lee Humphreys: The proof of how a team player became an HH Global expert

After learning that a career as a professional football player in the U.K. was not in his future, Lee found a place to use his design skills as a young apprentice in a South London print shop. Learning the basics of print and POS manufacturing, Lee had the determination to accelerate his career path and the desire to interact with clients by working his way up to a sales position. Open to an opportunity with a growing enterprise, Lee joined HH Global in London as an account manager and the company’s sixth employee. Lee has held a variety of roles throughout his career at HH from production, senior management, and now executive board, as the CEO of Creative Production Services and expanding the service offering to new and existing clients.

Always ready for the best environment in which to grow, Lee relocated with his family from the U.K. to San Francisco, California where he propels the expansion of the CPS global business from the U.S. Creative Studio location.

How do you describe HH Global to your friends and family? As a Global Marketing Execution Business. We do everything that a marketer needs.

How does the HH Global program benefit our clients?  We simplify marketing, providing process improvement and savings in an innovative and sustainable way.

What would be your advice to someone who wants to enter into the print industry? It’s good to start on the manufacturing side of print if possible, as this is a good way to learn the business, but it’s not the only route. Be true to yourself and what you want out of your career, have a “can do” attitude, polish your client-facing skills, and be up for change if you want to thrive.

How have you grown by working at HH Global? I’ve grown for the bottom up starting at entry level working as an account executive. I have a lot of great memories.There were many of sleepless nights but the effort yielded fruitful results that helped mold me as a leader.

Your passions are soccer, traveling, and family. How have you integrated your passions into your employment at HH Global? My passion for sports helped foster loyalty, instilled good character traits and a team-player attitude.

Want to learn more about HH Global? Stretch your skills and move out of your comfort zone. With the right determination, HH Global is right environment. Opportunities for growth where you set the limit. The chance to work across the globe. Be up for change if you want to thrive. We are ready for you. Contact us here.