Proof Positive: Simon Hobbs

Author: Nicole McQuitter
Simon Hobbs


Interview with an HH Global digital solutions expert

Print is not entirely tactile. Creative ideas inspire and digital pixels deliver a printed message. Technology simplifies effective Marketing print execution -- assuring that the quality is in check and the color is spot-on. Efficiencies need to be in place to deliver the right message, and to make sure that ordering your next print job is as easy as online shopping.

Navigating the digital path for print execution technologies is best to be lead by someone with solid print production experience. One who has the creativity to imagine solutions that solve problems. Someone who can motivate and lead both creative and technical talents to produce results that benefit our clients. The breadth and depth of our proficiency are proof positive on how HH Global experts have the ingenuity to benefit our clients.

Simon Hobbs is both a creative and critical thinker. His determination to creatively find solutions has brought Simon through various roles beginning as Tech Services Manager from our London headquarters. Leading the technology, development, and creative teams to serve our global clients, Simon is currently the Vice-President of Creative Production Services and Digital Solutions. In 2018, his role expanded to leadership of the Americas’ Creative Production Studios from our San Francisco office. Simon is our latest HH Global expert.

Simon Hobbs: The proof of how a creative thinker became an HH Global expert

You are currently leading the digital technology capabilities while you have a strong background in print. How did you start on this diverse career path? I come from a long line of print professionals. My father had his own printing company. Originally I was attracted to fashion design as an outlet for my creative skills. Keeping with family tradition, I began working in print for a press company before moving to a prepress company. This experience gave me a foundation in print and a strong knowledge of color - essential for anyone who wants to enter into the print industry.

You've served in a variety of positions at HH Global, from Technical Services Manager and Studio Manager to work on the HHub Technology Development team, to your current position of VP of Creative Production Services and Digital Solutions. How have these changes allowed you to grow and stretch your skills? Our goal is to meet our clients' needs: cost saving, brand quality, and process efficiency. I've had the opportunity to provide leadership and direction to teams across the business to achieve those goals - from the HHub software development team to managing the creatives in our Studio. I like working jointly with people from various departments. Working with our clients around the world, I have gained confidence in presenting and speaking to large groups as well as thinking and working collaboratively as a team. More than anything, I like finding solutions to challenges.

Who on your team inspires you to pursue excellence? During my time at HH Global, I have been privileged to work with a number of technical team members. I have been truly inspired by their ability to turn ideas from our employees and clients into industry-leading workflow solutions.

Working with Kevin Dunckley has always motivated me to approach solutions in creative ways. He has inspired me to pursue excellence in my work and throughout my career. In my new role, I know that I always have the support of Lee Humphreys whenever I am faced with a challenge.

You have been with HH Global over 10 years. How has your commitment to solutions for our clients fostered growth in your personal life? To achieve the best results one requires commitment and discipline. I put that to the test by training and completing my first marathon this year.

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