Proof Positive: Eliezer Leyva

Author: Nicole McQuitter
Eliezer Leyva


Interview with an HH Global print expert

Ingenuity, determination, and expert skills. Authentic thought leadership, and natural curiosity to pioneer innovative ideas. Our amazing employees work in partnership with our clients, instilling trust into each relationship. They are proof positive as to why HH Global is the fastest-growing marketing execution partner serving brands worldwide.

Learn about one of our print experts from our Latin American region, Eliezer Leyva and how he lives out his passion for creativity and makes life easier for our clients.

Eliezer Leyva: The proof of how an artist became an HH Global expert

The path to Eliezer’s success with HH Global had an unexpectedly creative route. With the soul of a musician, this member of our Mexico team started his education looking for a different outlet for his artistry and found his passion in graphic design with the study of printmaking.

Eliezer made the move to HH Global almost five years ago coming from a large communications company to the newly formed HH Global’s Latin American regional office. As a Production Services Manager, Eliezer felt the position was a comfortable fit with his natural interest and appreciation for print due to his background in design and his ability to work well with people.

Within six months, his contributions to the business were recognized and Eliezer was promoted to a Procurement Manager role. As the number of clients continued to grow, Eliezer stretched his skills and took on responsibility for client service management for global clients in both finance and consumer goods. When faced with the opportunity to expand his skills in the role of Engagement Manager, Eliezer took on the task. Serving as the project manager for implementation of new clients, Eliezer’s well-developed people skills were applicable in interacting with the HH Global and client teams, guiding them into successful partnerships.

Learn five answers to how Eliezer turned a passion for creativity into a successful career.

How have you grown by working at HH Global? I learned the business through and through, from fixing problems by use of the HHub technology, to creating business models to running smooth trainings and implementations. By participating in many parts of the business, I have learned how to give a different perspective to an existing role.

What are five passions in your life? Design, Marketing, learning, and building new relationships. I am open to change and growth experiences. I have never lost my passion for music from my days as a guitarist in a blues band in the U.S.

How has one of these passions fostered your personal growth? My experience with HH Global has allowed me to make new friends and grow relationships while continuing to learn new skills. By learning Portuguese to interact with our clients in Brazil, I now have established friendships and have visitors to my home in Mexico. These passions have also fostered maturity.

How have you integrated the interest in this passion into your employment at HH Global? I have learned to think in a more strategic way and to be proactive.

What would be your advice to someone who wanted to enter into the industry? Be persistent about the path you want to take in the print business. 

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