The recipe for a solid creative process

Author: Dickson Bueno
Close up of a bowl of paella with shrimp and lemon slices


The key to executing campaigns

HH Global’s Director of Creative Operations, Dickson Bueno, is a recognized creative practitioner, leading the revolution of the creative space from the aesthetic to the practical for global Fortune 500 brands. A contributing panelist at the recent Creative Operations Exchange Conference, Dickson’s focus was essential metrics for operating profitable creative teams. Leveraging on his experience from the agency artboard to the world of 360° reality and enabling technology to accurately measure results, Bueno shares his take on the evolution of creative operations in a series of blog posts.

Paella - one of Spain’s most popular culinary dishes and a gastronomical delight. A combination of fresh ingredients brought together by the artistry of a cook, using simple but specific set of tools, and a proven recipe. If you’ve ever tried to make paella yourself, you know that despite having all the right ingredients, if you don’t follow the recipe correctly your creation may not pass the Instagram test. Yes the recipe, the handy list of things to add, when to add them, and for how long, is key in the success of your culinary project, and following it properly could make your paella rival those of Casa Elías or La Sirena.

Much like a recipe is essential for the execution of a great paella, the right recipe, or process, is key in the execution of creative campaigns. Like any recipe, process works when it is simple to understand and use. It should be fairly easy to manage, scale and modify. Good process should be pliable not just so that it can evolve with your business, but so it may adjust your clients’ needs and their growth. It should almost Process, in creative operations, not only serves as the conduit for metrics needed to measure against a defined set of KPIs, but provides the creative team with the ability to focus on the execution of campaign creative. It allows the creative team to focus on creating.

Like many national dishes, paella is often regionalized on the type of ingredients locally available. Most recipes will allow for those regional variations, and while one can savor the more traditional paellas in Valencia, localization or regionalization will allow you to enjoy variations of paella in Galicia and Aragon. Likewise for global companies such as HH Global, a process or recipe that is inherently pliable, helps to guarantee seamless workflows in the execution of multi-regional campaigns. For clients looking to execute one campaign strategy globally across multiple regional markets, a process that can adapt locally is fundamental in maintaining quality, efficiency, and speed to market.

A solid process may take a bit of time to build, but with the right ingredients of talent, the correct tools in technology, and a clearly defined desired result, it can be created. Like any good recipe, getting it right it is simply a matter of testing; adjusting and modifying those elements in the development of the process, and even after implementation. It is in those modifications that creative operations teams identify where room for variations exist and where to create efficiencies, not only for the business but also the client.

Creative Operations runs on process, and in turn that process allows HH Global’s creative team to work efficiently, effectively, and most of all creatively, across all markets around the world. Process generates data essential for the improvement of services and quality. It simplifies, clarifies, and provides direction to the team. Process helps bring individual elements together to execute the perfect campaign, or a tasty paella. Now, who’s hungry?!


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