CHILI Spicytalks 2017

Author: Andy Russell


Innovative results to benefit our clients

HH Global’s Technical Services Manager Andy Russell was a roundtable presenter at the CHILI Publish Spicytalks event sharing best practices for tailored content in variable data templates that have been implemented for our global clients. Russell shares five innovative ideas that HH Global is excited to offer to our clients.

Scalable solutions within the cloud

Cloud-based solutions can be integrated within publishing applications to create an easily scalable solution by externalizing or localizing media and print content. This implementation has improved the overall experience for an end user when considering global scalability and increase regional speed-to-market response.

Improved PDF rendering

Get ready to view all aspects of a PDF file as an accurately rendered version of the print file, including effects from shadows to color separations. No worries about the increased file size - PDFs can be streamed with only the pages to be viewed cached when needed. Integrated into the HHub’s Online Proofing Manager, this could potentially be a powerhouse addition to our world-class online approval tool.

Work efficiently

Getting a group of technical gurus and acclaimed business aces together means an exchange of great ideas. At the Pro session, peers shared advice on converting excessive actions into manageable and scalable solutions, methods to consolidate variables of data, and examples of Javascript to implement as the best practices. The takeaway benefit is useful, more efficient ways of working that streamline output for our client users.

3D visualization

3D renderings are the standard for capturing a realistic vision from two dimensional assets. Now it is easier to present a variety and options within the render. From a concept trade show or retail floor layout built from the ground up, variables can be set to offer different schemes. Swap out logos, images, or assets. Add interesting effects to the final render including flooring versions and add to the natural look of the setting with lighting effects. We are keen on experimenting with technology in order to offer for improved options for in-store and event visualization to our clients.

Preview the fold

Foil, metallics, and embossing are synonymous with luxury and design in high-end print. Does the final piece lose its impact once it has been passed through the paper folder? It is now possible to preview the foil and embossing effects in a folding scheme. This practical vision will assure quality output and allow for design changes before going to press. Every effort to reduce re-runs, maintain quality of design, and exceed client expectations is a win-win with HH Global.

Russell’s participation is a sample of one of the many events that HH Global participates in to exchange innovative solutions and to learn methods to improve the business performance for our partners.


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