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Author: Dickson Bueno
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Navigating hiring in a changing landscape

Dickson Bueno, Head of Global Creative Operations, is at the ready to provide best practice creative solutions for HH Global’s clients, as well as to share his experience with his peers.  A member of the Creative Operations Advisory Board, Dickson is the keynote speaker at the Creative Operations Exchange West 2018: Key strategies and insights to improve the operational efficiency of your creative team!  as well as a panelist discussing talent acquisition. In advance of Dickson’s sharing of his experience of successful methods towards talent acquisition, Dickson is contributing his keys to success.  

“It’s about the people”

One of the challenges we face in creative and creative operations, and probably in any organization, is hiring the right talent. Today’s creative structure is not as clearly defined as it was “back in the good old days”, and certainly not what we got to see on Mad Men. Economies, tech, data, all have influenced how traditional and in-house creative teams work together, and the roles within them. Sure you have some legacy positions that have, to great extent, remained unchanged, but the overall needs of the market have dictated a shift in many of those traditional roles. The challenge comes in that traditional educational programs in the fields of design, marketing, and advertising, don’t seem to be keeping pace with those changes. So how do you find the right person for your non-traditional creative roles?

A win/win partnership There are probably several answers to that question but what  has worked for me is a close partnership with HR and the HR Recruiting team. I know what you’re thinking -- especially if you’re an in-house agency at a non-creative business, “HR doesn’t know anything about creative needs”-- which is why I specifically refer to this as a partnership. Working closely with HR gives you the opportunity to guide them specifically on what you need based on your candidate profile, and in turn allowing them to leverage your input and their expertise to find the right sources of talent while guiding you through the process… it’s a win/win!

Write it right: It all starts with the right job descriptions - this is where your HR Recruiting partner comes in super handy. They can guide you through the right language, structure, and key elements that generate greater engagement. It is a bit formulaic but it is information we as non-HR people are seldom aware of. The right job description sets the right tone and should provide interested parties with enough detail for them to understand the job and responsibilities,  while going a long way toward honing in on the right candidate. This has been essential in recruiting for me. -- Due to our global presence we need to fill roles in numerous countries, thus the input from the local in-market HR Recruiters is vital in ensuring that my job posting is accurate, in the local language, and appropriate for those specific markets.

Where you want to be: Now you could have a killer job description but have placed it in the entirely wrong job board - this is where your HR recruiting partner also helps. They are able to leverage that HR magic to place your job opening in the sight of the right pool of potential candidates, and they have access to tools like pre-screening questionnaires and surveys to further identify the right recruits. Really, they know of job sites that you probably didn’t even know existed, and in markets outside the U.S., this knowledge is essential.

A good HR Recruiter will also work with you on the interview process and follow up with candidates you maybe could not reach, but really want. Since they are already part of that process, once hired, the onboarding of a new employee is made even more seamless.

Remember that at the end of the day your HR partners also want to hire and retain the best talent possible for the business, so it only makes sense to combine their knowledge in recruiting with your knowledge of the best candidate profile to develop a more cohesive, precise, and successful recruiting strategy. If you’re a hiring manager I would encourage you to engage with your HR Recruiting partner as early in your process as possible. It will definitely improve your chances of success to find the ideal creative candidate for your team.


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