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2021 February 24
HH Global Americas ‘Share the Joy’ this holiday season

As the 2020 December Holiday season approached, instead of the traditional gift-giving route, HH Glo…

Creative / Innovation / Technology
Machine learning analytics to identify people on a street
Integrating marketing intelligence

How data makes the experience personal

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Proof Positive: Jessica Juarez

Interview with an HH Global marketing event expert

Approach / Solutions
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Proof Positive: Dan Rogers

Interview with an HH Global creative expert

Approach / Solutions / Creative
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Proof Positive: Phyllis DeMichele

Interview with an HH Global procurement expert

Approach / Solutions
Man on a tightrope over a mountain
Transparency in the media industry

Did lack of trust changed the course of the advertising journey?

Approach / Solutions
Man with open book on his lap
What are executives reading?

The choices of HH Global experts

Man using augmented reality on a mobile phone
Immersive marketing

How technology makes the experience possible

Simon Hobbs
Proof Positive: Simon Hobbs

Interview with an HH Global digital solutions expert

Approach / Solutions / Creative / Technology
Four men and women gathered around a white board with a woman pointing at a pie chart
Creative operations

Strategic solutions to profitable creative teams

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Marketing and procurement can collaborate

Aligned goals lead to reduced spend and increased efficiency

Solutions / Approach
Eliezer Leyva
Proof Positive: Eliezer Leyva

Interview with an HH Global print expert

Approach / Solutions
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Five trends in augmented reality

The impact in the retail buying experience

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Proof Positive: Lee Humphreys

Interview with an HH Global marketing execution expert

Approach / Solutions / Creative
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CMO Council - The results are in

Adapting creative for local delivery at scale

People at table
Helping Marketing to Deliver on ROI Accountability

Marketing is on the line for driving revenue. Can procurement be the hero?

Solutions / Approach / Print / Creative
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Tips to recruiting creative talent

Navigating hiring in a changing landscape

Stack of television sets
Assessment driven creative adaptation improvement

Best practices to ensure actionable results

Six people gathered around a wooden table with papers and an open laptop
Brand control and quality

The hidden costs of internally managed procurement of creative production and print

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Six benefits of 3D printing

What can it do, why should your company be using it, and who already is?

Four images dry river bed recycling paper plant wind turbine and cars in flood
Top five sustainable trends

Partnership to weather the change

Innovation / Sustainability
Executing creatively at a global level

Talent: the backbone of any creative endeavor

Solutions / Approach
People seated at a desk across from each other in a conference room
Solutions for alignment between procurement and marketing

The benefits of the outsourced model

Solutions / Approach
Woman in winter attire standing in a bus shelter designed to simulate an oven
Creative examples of immersive advertising

Transforming advertising into a liveable experience

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The recipe for a solid creative process

The key to executing campaigns

Solutions / Approach
Man with glasses and symbol of microphone
Kevin Dunckley: Emerge Mobile First Podcast

Using technology to keep ahead of the curve

Solutions / Approach / Technology / Innovation
Four images of wearable technology in use
Marketing strategies for wearable technology

Tailored and targeted messaging from wearable data

Runner jumping over hurdles
Acquiring stakeholder support for Marketing Procurement initiatives

Top three hurdles to achieving alignment

Solutions / Approach
Sun flare as seen through the top of green leafed trees
Green solutions for global brands

Innovative initiative by HH Global manages ecological impact of print production

Innovation / Sustainability
Bearded man working at a computer in an office with employees
Creating a cycle of improved marketing performance

Unleashing the power of marketing data

Solutions / Approach
Runner breaking the finish line tape
Providing tangible benefits to marketing

Overcoming hurdles to central, outsourced marketing execution

Exhaust from white and red stripped smoke stackes
Carbon impact

Planning with accurate and auditable data

Stop motion image of shoppers carrying packages in a shopping mall
The future of consumer behavior data

Meaningful data on retail customer engagement

Solutions / Approach / Innovation
Close up of woman's hands holding a cell phone while sitting in front of a laptop
Global social media

Four steps to relevant global content engagement

Solutions / Approach
Glowing image of Bitcoin
Bitcoin: Digital retail buying

The outlook of virtual currencies

Close up of cell phone screen image in front of mannequin with superimposed image icon of iBeacon
How iBeacon will change in-store marketing

Personalized messaging for the connected consumer

Underside of airplane at takeoff with city buildings in background
Does Heathrow give sustainability a bad name

Achieving long term goal of sustainability can be profitable

Innovation / Sustainability
CHILI Spicytalks 2017

Innovative results to benefit our clients

Innovation / Technology / Solutions
The latest in global innovation

Want to know more about trends in retail?

Vintage image of women working a computer
Technology for creative operations

Selecting the right platform for optimal data

Solutions / Approach / Technology
Man in suit coat shaking hands with white haired woman
In the news: Queen’s Award presentation

HH Global awarded highest official recognition for U.K. industry

Grocery items on checkout belt
Discount supermarkets

The straightforward approach to marketing that has lead to success in the discount grocery market

Solutions / Approach
Three men in conversation
In the news: MacMillan at 10 Downing

Success story shared with PM Cameron

Four images of mobile technology in use
The liberation of the mobile phone

Innovations lead to liveable mobile technology

Bouquet of red roses laying on a wooden plank with red heart-shapes
Campaigns we love for Valentine’s Day

Sourcing the perfect gift.

Illustration of light beams across the European continent
Our top three exporting tips

Best practices in conducting international trade

Solutions / Approach
Oil refinery at dusk
Is cheaper oil good for print?

Measuring the impact to the print and POS industry

Four images relating to sustainability and distribution of resources
WEF report

World Economic Forum report details potential triple gains

Sustainability / Approach
Man with open book on his lap
What are executives reading?

The choices of HH Global experts