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Consider the cost, more than monetary, of the huge amount of natural resources used in marketing execution. HH Global helps clients reduce that impact and increase sustainability through quality and efficiency improvements. Simple, sustainable solutions. These cutting edge initiatives and strong partnerships have made HH Global an industry leader in sustainability.

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Preserving the Earth protects partners, too. Sustainability-driven initiatives reflect clients’ values and minimise risk. Consistency and colour control to reduce waste ensures brand integrity. Strategic sourcing and monitoring through Sedex improves supplier compliance and visibility.

Technology applications enhance communication and simplify review and approvals. To determine best practices, all data is tracked and analysed through HHub.


Making marketing execution sustainable starts with innovation. From storing templates to tracking carbon emissions, HHub technology offers the highest levels of assessment and control. Procurement and production efficiencies include ethical considerations and sustainable sourcing.

HH Global’s own Quality Printer Programme software calibrates print outputs to universal standards, guaranteeing brand consistency while reducing resource use. Combining industry expertise with strong social responsibility, sustainability and profitability are developed side-by-side for every solution.


As a sustainability leader, we regularly work with non-governmental organisations, suppliers, and clients to further reduce the environmental impact of marketing programmes. For example, we helped plant 300,000 trees in three years with Woodland Trust and can help clients achieve Forest Stewardship Council compliance for paper output.

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