The future of consumer behavior data

Author: James Murray
Stop motion image of shoppers carrying packages in a shopping mall

The future of consumer behavior data

Meaningful data on retail customer engagement

Every marketer wants to know their audience better. They want to know common trends, what holds a customer’s attention, what doesn’t, and how much interest a certain product can actually generate.

Recent technology developments mean new levels of business intelligence can now be acquired by marketers. And that’s exactly what virtual insight technology delivers.

In-store data and analytics technology generates information by identifying the activity and behavior of shoppers. The tools use image processing software to analyze a stream of images which describes the presence and activity of those people. From this data, marketers are able to monitor interaction with a point of interest, such as a poster, sales item, or digital display.

Not only does this offer marketing analysts a whole new dimension of consumer data, it is offered in real-time, meaning the engagement of a consumer can be potentially measured before they’ve even got to the cash register.

So what exactly is virtual insight technology specifically capable of measuring and achieving?

Dwell and attention times

This can measure the amount of time that a viewer is engaged with a point of interest. Attention time will always be less or equal to the customer’s dwell time.


Virtual Insight is capable of accurately recognizing gender 85 percent of the time.


Each viewer is categorized according to their age and placed into one of four categories: child, young adult, adult, or senior.

High traffic locations

Virtual insight tools can report both the position and approximate the distance of each viewer relative to the point of measurement.

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